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Burnout To All Out Live Event: Elevate Your Network, Business, Life

According to John Hancock’s CMO, digital marketing through LinkedIn and other platforms presents a new challenge. This modern approach to digital marketing requires strategy, agility and moving the needle forward on business and network growth.

About Melissa Henault

At the intersection of networking and LinkedIn is Melissa Henault, founder of Burnout to All Out. After impressive success with her e-commerce business, Henault launched a LinkedIn coaching business. She now teaches other online entrepreneurs how to do the same.

Melissa Henault, Founder of Burnout To All Out with fellow female entrepreneurs at a business training event
Melissa Henault, Founder of Burnout To All Out with fellow female entrepreneurs at a business training event

Henault is now inviting business owners to an exclusive, two-day live event from September 30 – October 1, 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Burnout To All Out Live Event will help ambitious entrepreneurs master their personal and professional growth, navigate the digital frontier and elevate their network.

About the event

Get ready for innovative marketing ideas, cutting-edge strategies, unique expansion opportunities, inspired collaboration and that hard-to-articulate magic that happens when like-minded leaders get in the same room.  

“Your most powerful tool is your network,” says Henault, “your network is your net worth! If you want to uplevel your business it’s imperative to elevate your network and uplevel your community.”

After 12 years as a leader in a Fortune 500 company, and hitting major burnout, Henault took her leadership and organizational skills online and started an e-commerce business. Henault leveraged LinkedIn to build her growing “side project”. Her attraction marketing and recruitment strategies allowed her to match her corporate income in less than two years. Henault then retired from corporate at the age of 35, breaking free from her burnout lifestyle, and moving into a life of living ALL OUT!

“It’s refreshing to have conversations… with people that you know are looking for a business opportunity,” said coach Bridget Douglas Mimari.

Henault has helped hundreds of business owners break through their plateaus in recruitment to 10-fold their businesses on LinkedIn. She also continues to uplevel her mastermind clients’ personal brands, systems and leadership skills to elevate their income and life to live ALL OUT.

Registration for the Burnout To All Out Live event is open! Henault and her team would like to offer 20% off with CODE LIVE20 at checkout. More information can be found here.

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