Blogger covers at Lioness 23
Blogger covers at Lioness 23

Break Through Fear And Doubt By Getting Crystal Clear And Taking Action

When fear and doubt take hold, you need to be pushed, challenged, held accountable and most importantly - be inspired to take action. Here's Dawn's story.

There was a period of time after I left my job but before I had many clients, that I found myself a bit stagnant. I would get up everyday, bright-eyed and excited about building my business and I would spend all day working on my business  making plans, tweaking my website, creating flyers, generating ideas — yet not moving my business forward. I wasn’t securing new clients, I wasn’t bringing in money but I felt busy. And I was busy. I was busy with busy work. I was spending all of my time doing things that were not bringing me any closer to the goals I had set for myself. But why?

I eventually hit a point of frustration and somewhat desperation and I was forced to answer that question. Why? Why wasn’t I taking real action on my dream? The answer was fear. I was afraid — afraid to fail, afraid to put myself out there. Would people buy what I was selling? Would they think I was capable? Did I have the skill? Did I have the knowledge? My doubter was running amuck. Maybe I should take another training course or read another book. But seriously, how would yet another training course actually help me if I refused to take action?

I ended up going back to basics and leaning on my fellow Dream Coach DeVonna to get me through the rough patch. In the Dream Coach world, your doubter is nothing to be afraid of. We actually work to create a powerful and dynamic relationship with your doubter and put fear in doubt in the appropriate place, which frees you up to take action. And that’s exactly what I needed to do — take positive action.

I had to decide if I was more committed to my dream or my reality.  I needed to get crystal clear on my goals, set a clear plan of action and most importantly, act. If this sounds like you, if you find yourself being overcome by fears and doubts and if you’re ready for a major breakthrough, schedule a 30-minute session with me and let’s get started today.

About the author

Dawn Leaks

Dawn Leaks is CEO of Lioness and has been empowering women and entrepreneurs for as long as she can remember. A certified life coach, speaker and trainer, Dawn is passionate about helping women reach their God-given potential and live with passion, purpose and confidence. In the past Dawn has served as director of communications for a major nonprofit organization and as the Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Hampshire College. She's a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and is an avid R&B soul line dancer.

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