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Why Books Are The New Business Cards

Business cards are dead. Here are five things a self-published book in your area of expertise can do for you that a business card can’t:
Why Books Are The New Business Cards - Lioness Magazine
Publishing expert Karla Marie Blocka

Have you ever met someone that you really wanted to make an impression on, had an engaging conversation about your business with them, and handed over your business card only to never hear from them? How often have you found business cards deep in your bag and couldn’t remember for the life of you who or where you got them from? How many of your business cards do you think are lurking in the depths of various pockets, purses and (sadly) garbage cans worldwide?

Business cards don’t make an impact. Period. They’re too easily forgotten about and looked at as “clutter”. What can be given to potential clients and VIPs instead to leave a lasting impression? The answer: your own authority book. Books are the new business card, only better.

You may be saying that writing a book is too hard, takes too long, or you don’t have the slightest clue how to publish it. Thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace, getting your message out to the world in book form (ebook and hard copy) is amazingly quick, simple and could set you miles apart from your competition.

By writing a book, you have an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills and authority in your niche. Your book presents everything you want people to know about you in one spot, like your photo, credentials, a short bio, and a demonstration of your expertise. By creating your authority book you have an opportunity to provide immense value to readers by engaging them, entertaining them, or helping them find solutions to their questions or problems.

Here are five things a self-published book in your area of expertise can do for you that a business card can’t:

  1. A book gives you instant authority – Using the word “published author” or even “best selling author” (it’s easier than you think) in describing who you are and what you do instantly adds an element of authority and intrigue. Writing and publishing a book demonstrating your knowledge and experience in your industry gives you instant authority and credibility so those people who matter are more likely to take notice of you.
  2. You will stand out from the crowd – How many times have you heard people say “I want to write a book”? How many of those people actually take action and write and publish an authority ebook? Not many. Be part of the small minority and actually do it. It will immediately help you stand out in your industry.
  3. A book is not perceived as disposable – Books often end up in visible locations like on desks, tables and shelves. Business cards on the other hand end up tucked away in drawers or thrown into the garbage. People in general don’t throw books away. Giving out your book is a chance for you to become a permanent fixture in the lives of people who you want to remember you.
  4. Helps you gain the trust of your ideal clients – Imagine being able to direct potential clients to your book’s product page in the Amazon store and the impact that could have on their perception of you. Having a book authored by you available on the largest and most trusted digital retailer in the world only serves to increase your credibility and trustworthiness.
  5. Books make it through the “gate keepers” in offices – Think about a dream opportunity that would elevate you and your business to the next level, like a high-level speaking gig or joint venture. Now think about the VIP you would need to connect with to make this a reality. How many phone calls, emails, business cards and brochures do you think that VIP’s office receives in a week? Many of the attempts at contacting in-demand people never make it through the “gate keepers”, the secretaries and assistants that filter what actually even sees the light of day. An Amazon delivery box with your book inside, addressed to the person you want to connect with has a much higher chance of actually reaching their hands.

Lastly, there is no time like the present to get started! Take action now to start writing your book and stake claim as the #1 expert and  authority in your industry or niche. It could very well be that one piece of the puzzle that will propel you and your business to the next level.

Karla Marie Blocka is a six-figure Kindle Publishing expert, coach, mentor, teacher and speaker who has helped hundreds of clients across six continents create their own successful ebook publishing businesses. Check out www.karlamariepublishing.com.


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