connectors advantage
connectors advantage
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Book of the Week – The Connector’s Advantage

Learn tips and tricks to maximize your network and become a better connector.

Connections can open doors, create exciting opportunities and even make entire careers. Michelle Tillis Lederman is a connection creator, speaker, trainer, coach, author and the CEO of Executive Essentials. Her book, “The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact,” is here to help you become the best connector you can be.

What is your book about?

With a record-breaking number of people either out of work or transitioning to remote work, connections – particularly diverse and inclusive connections – are more important than ever. Expanding your connections and being an inclusive connector is critical to attaining faster, easier and better results, especially when job hunting, reentering the workforce or reimagining your current role in the wake of the pandemic.

Regardless of your goal – a job, a promotion, new business, a referral – who you know and who knows you will lead to opportunities. The strength of your relationships will lead to your success. Connectors think and act a certain way that makes things happen faster, easier and often with a better result. And even if you are already a connector, “The Connector’s Advantage” will help you take it up a level.

Topics include:

1. Why relationships and connecting are critical to your results, success and even happiness

2. How connectors have a way of thinking and acting that enables stronger relationships

3. How ANYONE can infuse these mindsets and behaviors into their interactions and see the impact

4. How to expand and diversify your connections

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Are you already networking but all that effort is not translating into results? Does everyone seem to be getting further ahead even though you are just as smart? Are you looking for a new job or up for a promotion? Do you have great ideas but no one seems to be listening to them? If any of these situations resonate, this book is for you!

“The Connector’s Advantage” is for professionals and leaders looking to fill the gaps in working relationships to build authentic connections that will lead to increased productivity, employee loyalty and more.

Single most important takeaway:

“Connecting matters. Your relationships make the difference in the results you achieve, the impact you have and the speed with which you make things happen. On top of all that, connections make you happier and healthier.”

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The mindset of abundance: Scarcity is the feeling that there is never enough so you need to protect “your” piece. The objective is to shift to the belief that there is enough. It isn’t easy. Coming from a place of abundance doesn’t mean you never have moments of envy. Everyone feels jealousy; it’s a part of life. You can use the feeling: not to be competitive with someone but to be motivated by them and what they accomplished. View it as a learning opportunity, instead of wasting your energy in a way that doesn’t serve you. Gratitude is strongly correlated with optimism, the cornerstone of an abundant mindset. There are numerous studies that outline the myriad benefits of gratitude, from enhancing empathy and improving self-esteem to feeling happier and even living longer. A practice of gratitude can help you access abundant thinking.

Meet the author

Michelle Tillis Lederman is an expert on workplace communications and relationships. Her mission is to help people work better together and advance their individual impact. Recognized as one of Forbes’s top 25 networking experts, Lederman is one of Marshall Goldsmith’s MG100 Coaches, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), master trainer, certified coach and author of four books including The Connectors Advantage and The 11 Laws of Likability. She is the CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides customized communications and leadership programs. Speaking and training all over the world her clients range from Fortune 500 to associations, nonprofits and universities. A former finance executive and NYU Professor, Lederman is a regular in the media appearing on NBC, CBS, Fox, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNBC and others. She holds degrees from Lehigh University and Columbia Business School.

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