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Book of the Week – Jumpstart Your Life

In Jumpstart Your Life, Diane Randall reveals how to move past discomfort and rediscover your forgotten goals and aspirations.

We all have lofty dreams that fall by the wayside. We just don’t have time to tackle everything! But if you want to take the first step towards achievement, this book is for you. “Jumpstart Your Life: Find Your Motivation and Change Your Life One Step at a Time” is all about moving past your mental blocks and hesitations. Read on to learn from Diane Randall, M.A. CHC, Whole Living Consultant, author and speaker.

What is your book about?

Are there areas in your life where you experience discomfort? That’s a good thing. Discomfort is your mind’s way of spotlighting areas where you need to make changes. In Jumpstart Your Life, Whole Living Consultant Diane Randall reveals how to take discomfort and shape it into something powerful and transformative. You’ll discover how to step out of your comfort zone and create the life and success you desire.

Randall presents a series of simple, effective steps to personal success based on more than a decade of experience leading life-changing wellness and self-help workshops. You’ll learn to design meaningful affirmations, create a vision of the ideal life you want now and start working toward that life immediately. With care and consideration, she guides you around the thought processes that are keeping you stuck, setting you on the road toward dreams you once thought unattainable.

If you’ve ever desired change but felt overwhelmed, Randall’s book is for you. You’ll start at the beginning and take one small step forward every day, moving inexorably toward a new, balanced and harmonious existence. The life you live emerges from the choices you make. Randall invites you to make different choices and change your path forever.

Topics include:

  • Start where you are
  • Learn from those who came before you
  • Discomfort is your greatest friend
  • Good choices = success
  • Nourish your soul
  • Intentions light the way
  • Action makeit happe,
  • Maintian momentum
  • You’ve got this!

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Look carefully at your life, and see how the decisions you made brought you to where you are. They aren’t necessarily bad choices – pursuing a career, raising children and building relationships are all positive acts. But by necessity, you had to put other beliefs and goals on hold. Jumpstart Your Life reminds you that those unfulfilled dreams still exist. You may have forgotten them, but they never forgot you. They’re trying to get your attention, whispering to you that your life could be better, happier and more fulfilling. It’s time to listen to those whispers. Under the expert guidance of Whole Living Consultant, Diane Randall, you’ll learn how to reconnect with your desires and make positive changes in your life, step by step. It’s time to jumpstart your life!

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If you’re reading this book, you are most likely at a point in your life where you want to shift things around a little. I’m guessing you have been a dutiful and responsible member of society. Maybe you’ve raised a child or several children, dedicated much of your life to their well-being and have now seen them off to college, work or other life pursuits. Regardless, you’re left with some space. Oh, space – how you crave it. But when you finally receive it, you’re not quite sure what to do with it.

This space is often felt as an emptiness. You forgot who you were before you had children. Before you took on the responsibilities of marriage or continued your education. Or before you took on the weight of your professional demands. The “you before” is deep in your soul waiting for you to jumpstart change and reawaken your sleeping dreams. You may think you have forgotten the dreams that were in your heart.

But now that you have time, as happens with most dreams, you’re a little fearful of change. Your current life is comfortable. You don’t have to worry about basic needs. You’ve worked hard during your life. So you don’t have to prove yourself professionally or personally anymore. Still, something isn’t quite sitting right. There’s an itch.

Perhaps you’re sitting there wondering: is this it? Is this all life has to offer? Perhaps you have an inkling that there is something better awaiting you. Perhaps your epiphany landed a few days ago. Maybe a year earlier. Possibly even a decade earlier. It’s only now that you have the space around you to think about it, and the itch is really taking hold. So if you have an inkling in your heart that your life can be different and better, what stops you from changing things? When you suddenly find yourself with stability, time and fewer responsibilities, what stops you from seizing and creating the life of your dreams?

Meet the author

For Diane Randall, nothing feels better than helping people bring balance into their lives. In addition to presenting wellness workshops, she offers high-level professionals wellness advice that fits with their lifestyles. Randall has numerous publications, and her work has appeared in the New York Times, Choice, Consulting, the Active Time, and Balance magazine. She has also written for the American Holistic Health Association. Randall appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss successful relationships and is the host of the Balanced Living for Busy Professionals podcast.

A member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Randall received her life coach certification from Coach University and trained to be a certified Guiding Mindful Change coach. She studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and holds a master’s in spiritual psychology. Diane was a member of a training team that delivered stress management and resiliency training to 13,400 police officers. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Visit her at DianeRandallConsults.com.

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