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Book of the Week – Gold in the Golden Years

They say good things come to those who are prepared. If you’re still figuring out what you want your business to be like after retirement, that’s ok, but having a solid plan will get your worries out of the way and increase your chances of success. Nan McKay, Founder and CEO of Nan McKay Connects LLC and President of Nan McKay and Associates, Inc., wants to help design the business you want to run and fill your pockets with gold. Her advice? Read “Gold in the Golden Years: How to Create a Successful Business with the S.O.A.R. Launch and Grow Plan to Fulfill Your Purpose and Passion to Make Your Own Gold!

What is your book about?

The book is the blueprint for choosing, launching and growing a successful business with special features for women over 50.

Topics include:

  1. Pivot to Freedom, Flexibility and Financial Independence
  2. Create a Mindset for an Effective and Exciting Life
  3. Visualize a Business Driving Your Passion, Purpose and Profit
  4. Explore and Choose Your Business
  5. Set Your Goals
  6. Create a Legal Framework for Business Operation
  7. Create a Leadership Framework for Decision Making
  8. Establish Financial Systems for Business Stability
  9. Design an Effective Staffing and Training Plan
  10. Create an Online Business
  11. Develop a Sensational Marketing Plan with a Customer Focus
  12. Exploding the Growth Myth
  13. Build Your Audience with a Strong Customer Base
  14. Create Your Support System to Promote Your Business
  15. Care for Your Mental and Physical Health to Guide You to Productivity

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

At 77, after founding six successful businesses, McKay started a new business and wrote the book Gold in the Golden Years to help women easily create their next act to become financially self-sufficient without relying exclusively on Social Security and their 401K. The mature woman today may want to leave the career she worked in for many years, but she’s not done yet. The next chapter of her life has other goals. This book helps her discover what she wants to do for the next chapter to fulfill her passion with some gold in her pocket.

Single most important takeaway:

Plan for implementation before you begin (and it’s never too late!).

Nan Keap Nan McKay

Meet the author

Nan McKay founded a business in 1980 when women couldn’t get a credit card in their own name. That business today has over 2000 staff and is one of the top businesses in its arena. Today, she continues to build businesses with entrepreneurship in her blood, her latest one being Nan McKay Connects LLC. In 2018, the National Association of Women Business Owners named her San Diego Business Woman of the Year. In 2019, she was selected as the California Business Woman of the Year. Her Master’s work was in Business Administration.

Interested in reading more about creating your own business after retiring? Check out Retirement: Dream Big, Take Action, Make Money by Connie Inukai.

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