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Book of the Week – Cracking the Code: Techniques for Certification Exam Success

If you work in wellness, finance, accounting or in a hands-on vocational trade role, you’ll likely face the task of taking certification exams. Passing these exams is often a requirement to opening a practice in the first place—so how can you ensure that you succeed while working efficiently and still taking care of your body? Dr. Sabine Charles wrote “Cracking the Code: Techniques for Certification Exam Success” to provide actionable techniques and guide readers to finding achievement in their own unique fields.

What is your book about?

This book provides clear and concise techniques to help maximize productivity and optimize professionals’ time when preparing for certification exams. Whether your certification is in the financial, accounting, auditing, wellness or vocational trade industries, these techniques mentioned in this book illustrate various studying methodologies that you can apply based on your individual learning style.

The author, Sabine Charles, has applied these result-proven techniques to obtain over 12 certifications in diverse fields such as accounting, internal audit, risk management, information security, wellness and vocational trade. Through her professional certification training firm, Sabine Charles assists many individuals in achieving their professional certifications.

“Cracking the Code: Techniques for Certification Exam Success” is a quick and simple guide on learning techniques focused primarily on providing skills “Crack the Code” in passing certification exams.

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Meet the author

Sabine Charles is the CEO and Founder of Charles Financial Strategies LLC, which is a certified minority-owned and woman-owned business. She founded the firm in 2011 on the principles of developing and delivering high-quality assurance services, risk management assessments and corporate training programs. Through TAPA Institute (Transformational Audit Practitioner Apprenticeship), a division of Charles Financial Strategies LLC, Charles teaches professionals how to learn to pass certification exams.

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