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The workplace is no stranger to conflict. It’s important to stand for what we believe is right, but there’s also a way to keep the peace. Yvette Durazo, the founder of Unitive Consulting, is an expert on conflict resolution and maintaining harmony in our lives. In “Conflict Intelligence Quotient – Conflict-IQ (TM): The Missing Piece to Turbocharge Conscious Leaders’ and Organizations’ Emotional Intelligence“, she tackles the roots of conflict and educates on the best approaches to solve them.

What is your book about?

Durazo introduces different aspects of conflict management, illustrating emotional intelligence and conflict intelligence as indelible factors that enhance any organization’s reputation.

The book uncovers solutions to conflict and reveals the root causes of certain kinds of conflict. It takes the reader deep into the background of issues and how these childhood problems can be a problem in an organization. The core of conflict intelligence is awakening individuals’ sense of maintaining a conducive environment for all members to thrive and work in harmony.

The book is primarily written for professionals and organizations that deal with people daily, and the conflicts which may arise from their interactions. It can also, however, provide useful communication tools to everyone in dealing with conflict, whether at work or in personal situations.

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Conflict Intelligence Quotient will help readers become more successful professionals, be better people in society and establish thriving careers.

Single most important takeaway:

The dynamism of this book epitomizes and advocates innovative ways to solve conflict without hurting the relationship that exists. It demonstrates that all conflicts are different because all people are different. Therefore, by learning about conflict intelligence, leaders and employees can creatively invent new ways of resolving issues.

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Meet the author

Yvette Durazo is the founder of Unitive Consulting, an organizational effectiveness, strategic conflict management and mediation firm which specializes in partnering with professionals and their organizations to develop the skills and attitudes needed for leadership, human capital engagement and business improvement.

Durazo has two decades of experience as a liaison for businesses and non-profits on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. She shares her techniques and strategies as a professor teaching courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Conflict Prevention, Mediation, Ethics, and Communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension, University of California, Davis, Portland State University and National University. Durazo received a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Peacebuilding from California State Dominguez Hills and an undergraduate degree in International Business from San Diego State University. She is also an Associate Certified Credential Coach through the International Coach Federation. Born in San Diego, California, and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, she speaks Spanish and English.

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  • Yvette Durazo is a Leading Expert in her field of Conflict Intelligence Quotient. Any opportunity to experience her knowledge as a speaker, facilitator, or author is a treat!

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