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004 Stacked Paperback books Beyond the Prophy Information scaled
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Book of the Week – Breakthrough To Excellence

All professionals can overcome burnout and chronic stress to live fulfilling personal and professional lives. Learn more here.

In need of a breakthrough? We’ve got the perfect book for you. We’re showcasing the best business books by members of our sister company Innovation Women. Fear and anxiety can hold us back from achieving amazing things. What if you could smash right through it? We’ve got a guide to do just that. In Jasmin Haley’s “Breakthrough To Excellence: Escape Fear To Reclaim Your Power And Conquer Your Goals” she explains how to escape your feelings of fear.

What is “Breakthrough To Excellence” about?

Every day, the world loses innovative inventions, new businesses, books, ideas and world-changing contributions because of fear. Many don’t overcome their fear because they haven’t completed the work to breakthrough their own limiting beliefs. To truly breakthrough to excellence, we need to courageously show up and play the game. Not as we think anyone else wants us to be, but as we truly are. Jasmin Haley, Founder of the Breakthrough to Excellence Network, a community that coaches women, has pushed past her own fears and traumas to be the woman you see here today. This network helps women who want to overcome their fear, get their business organized and to scale to six figures or more.

The book guides the reader through the initial stages of overcoming self-doubt, fear and acquiring professional prosperity. You’ll dive through research, science and real-life stories of women who courageously push past the fear to conquer their goals. We will examine ways to break out of stagnation by creating an environment to shift into dynamic action.

Breakthrough topics include:

  1. The cost of allowing fear to take the driver’s seat in your life and business
  2. Why your mindset is seismically important and how to alter it to fully believe in yourself
  3. How to identify your unique strengths and purpose to take massive action
  4. The science behind negative thinking and how it contributes to decision making
  5. How to set your intention to conquer your goals in life or in business
  6. Why removing toxicity in your life and business is crucial to you reaching your breakthrough
  7. Strategies to build your confidence, trust yourself and face your fears head on to fully live your life with joy and abundance

Single most important takeaway

“All professionals can overcome burnout and chronic stress to live fulfilling personal and professional lives.” – Jasmin Haley

Meet the author

Jasmin Haley is a nationally-awarded speaker, author, educator, thought leader, coach and podcaster dedicated to helping audiences understand that the time is now if they want to make an impact and serve their communities from the heart. She has spoken to and educated over 10,000 audience members since she began her career in speaking and has impacted countless others through her podcasts, educational programs and a consulting business. She is a sought-after speaker who delivers powerful results for her audiences and has been featured and worked with national healthcare media outlets such as American Dental Hygienists’ Association, Colgate, Crest, RDH Magazine and more.

Today, Jasmin shares her transformative message on stages and platforms around the country. Her inclusive message in burnout, becoming legacy-driven and creating presentations that reach the HEART have impacted the lives of her audience members and transformed the professionals she has coached to business growth and successful speaking careers.

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