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Book of the Week – Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations to Your Authentic Self

Focusing on yourself is a full-time job according to Judy K. Herman, LPC-MHSP, psychotherapist, seasoned speaker and podcast host. In her book, “Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations to Your Authentic Self,” she guides readers toward understanding, compassion and freedom in their own personal journeys. Learn how to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be and build better relationships in your life.

What’s your book about?

Beyond Messy Relationships mixes psychological wisdom and spiritual understanding along with stories of Judy’s authentic relationship journey. Through awakenings and role changes, her long-term first marriage ends with abandonment, rejection and post-divorce messes. Then she discovers unconventional divine invitations through dance. After, she marries her best friend and dance partner, then learns to flow to the rhythm of life. This was until she missed the signs of his serious mental illness.

Through the eyes of a psychotherapist, the book is saturated with the latest research and perspectives on various issues. Included are topics of toxic relationships, mental illness, post-divorce, abortion and neuroscience. Readers gain depth of understanding, compassion and freedom about their own journey. It’s almost like “therapy in a book.”

Topics include

As you read “Beyond Messy Relationships,” you will:

  1. Discover you’re not alone.
  2. Learn a simple formula to become the best version of yourself.
  3. Connect the dots from your past to your present to clear the space for peace and harmony.
  4. Overcome shame so you can experience the freedom you long for.

Single most important takeaway

“You cannot do for others what only they can do for themselves. Doing you is a full-time job.”

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

High achieving women who believe they’ve outgrown their husbands will benefit from reading. There’s purpose in pain with invitations to grow beyond conflict. This is necessary for developing a deep connection with ourselves and others. Emotions are temporary messengers to our souls that we need to honor and tune into. Relationships are mirrors that show us our blind spots that we wouldn’t see otherwise. The narrative of our messy relationships has the capacity to ground us into our calling.

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Meet the author

Judy K. Herman, LPC-MHSP is a nationally certified counselor, psychotherapist, relationship specialist and seasoned speaker. She offers private retreats for couples. Her keynote addresses, seminars and workshops support corporate leadership. Herman’s clinical and personal experiences provide resources that change organizations and family trees.

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