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Book of the Week – Be Your Own Brave and Reignite Your Life’s Work

Do you feel disconnected from your life and your work? Kelley Connors teaches women entrepreneurs how to "be their own brave."

How can you break out of your comfort zone and find fulfillment in your work? Life Work Coach Kelley Connors, MPH, created a five-point system to help entrepreneurial women develop a mindset of confidence and leadership. “Be Your Own Brave and Reignite Your Life’s Work” guides readers through the BRAVE framework, stories from other thought leaders and Connors’ experience working with women in business.

What is your book about?

I wrote this book to inspire women entrepreneurs to connect with their brave, wise selves and reignite their life’s work for greater joy and fulfillment. It is a book on self-leadership, written from my own personal experience as an employee turned consultant and well-being coach. It features six inspiring stories from a range of women entrepreneurs and leaders (and one cool guy committed to gender bridge-building as a business strategy).

We often hope to feel confident when embarking on a new life work chapter. We want to feel and be successful. What we end up doing is staying in a default mindset. This limits our true potential even as we get that new shiny job. Choosing to “be your own brave” is a head and heart connection that transforms fear and self-doubt into empowered and authentic action. BRAVE is a five-point call-to-action that gives women the mindset framework to get out of their comfort zone and into their courageous zone. They can find more joy and fulfillment than they thought possible.

Topics include:

What is being your own BRAVE about?

  1. Become what stirs you for clarity
  2. Reveal your essence for authenticity
  3. Align with your mission for power
  4. Voice your truth for collaboration
  5. Empower other women for equity

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Reigniting your life’s work helps women entrepreneurs who may be in life work transition. Many of these women are over 50 and seek new adventures in their life’s work. The BRAVE framework acknowledges the gender equity gap and the false narratives that have held women captive in stagnant or unfulfilling roles as their life stage changes and they seek more purpose and fulfillment at work. The book shows that the feminine operating system transforms women’s lives. It empowers others to live their best lives.

Single most important takeaway:

“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”

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The hardest question we can ask ourselves is “who am I”? Your initial response may end up deceiving you and your desire for freedom and adventure. You may believe who you are has more to do with your upbringing, your role, your own expectations and the demands of others. Instead, it should be a connection with your essence and purpose. Essence lies in the intersection of head and heart. Most likely, you had glimpses of your true essence, your brave loving self, but feel that you are too old. Too young. Not enough. Just not ready for what’s next. You might believe all the old stories that undermine your connection with your brave, loving self.

Be Your Own B.R.A.V.E. is not a call to reinvent yourself. It arises from cultivating a whole-being approach to living well and working well. These five actions are characteristic of successful women who navigated a transition in later stages of their career and business. They were supported by positive psychology, neurobiology and coaching.

Meet the author

Kelley Connors, MPH, is a life work coach and creative marketing collaborator. She works with women leaders and entrepreneurs who are in transition and want to reignite their life’s work. Her own superpower is working with purpose to empower women leaders to live well and work well.

In January 2020, she published her first guide book for women leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs called “Be Your Own Brave and Reignite Your Life’s Work”.

Connors brings a breadth of industry experience as a communications executive working with global pharmaceutical companies, non-profit health and social service organizations, and, most recently, inside a Silicon Valley consumer health start-up. She’s a women’s health and wellness expert, published in the Journal of Health Care Communications, Huffington Post and several trade publications.

Her recent online coaching course “Incubate What’s Next” was well-received by women leaders in transition with their life’s work. Connors has been the Director of Marketing for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Boston Chapter and has served the HBA in a global marketing capacity for many years. She completed an online course at the Benson-Henry Institute Mind Body Medicine Center in Boston and is trained in coaching by Wellcoaches and the University of Southern California in healthy aging.

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