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Black Girls CODE Partners with Ultimate Ears and Willow Smith to Promote Diversity in Tech

Ultimate Ears, a Logitech brand, is proud to announce an official partnership with Black Girls CODE (BGC), the not-for-profit organization focused on providing technology education for Black girls. Black Girls CODE aims to help address barriers disproportionately faced by young women of color in the tech sector.

Creating a space for girls in STEM

This partnership stems from Ultimate Ears’ recent campaign with American artist and visionary Willow Smith. Smith recently further celebrated this partnership with a performance in New York, in honor of International Day of the Girl. Smith is a supporter of Black Girls CODE, as well as a self-proclaimed “STEM geek”. She has a strong passion for bringing more female minds into what she calls a “man’s world”. Her hope is to further educate future generations on the broader impact technology has on our society.

Ultimate Ears is happy to support this mission through its partnership with BGC across the organization’s 15 chapters. To start, the team is making a monetary donation and creating mentorship opportunities and tech workshops for BGC members. BGC is a natural fit for Ultimate Ears and Willow Smith, given their organic passion for diversity, equity and inclusion.

“We are so thankful to have the support of Ultimate Ears and Willow Smith to help further amplify the Black Girls CODE movement in establishing equal representation of Black women and girls in the tech sector,” said Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls CODE. “Together with like-minded partners helping to drive change, we are creating stronger economies and more equitable societies – ultimately realizing the true potential of democracy through diversity and inclusion.”

A passion for technology

“Ever since I was little, I’ve been an admitted ‘STEM geek’ with a passion for technology. I am thrilled to partner with Black Girls CODE and Ultimate Ears because of this. It’s a way to break the mold and spark a conversation around female empowerment within the technology space,” said Smith. “It is important to me to be able to use my platform to help advocate for causes I believe in. One of those causes is to empower our future generation of female minds in underrepresented spaces.”

“We teamed with Willow Smith to help show the transformative power of UE FITS, our custom-molded earbuds. Part of the partnership was to allow Willow to have creative freedom,” said Jonah Staw, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “Willow has a mission to help drive change for women of color. By introducing us to Black Girls CODE, we can support our shared vision of fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do.”

The new mentorship program from Ultimate Ears and Logitech will offer participants an opportunity to learn from experts across the company’s engineering and development teams to gain knowledge across all things STEM. The donation funds will support Black Girls CODE’s STEM programs. These offer girls from underrepresented communities the opportunity to become the future leaders and innovators in technology.

About Black Girls CODE

Launched in 2011, Black Girls CODE (BGC) builds pathways for Black girls to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators. It introduces them to skills in computer programming and technology. Black Girls CODE provides girls from underrepresented communities instruction in technology areas such as web design, robotics, gaming and mobile app development. By cultivating the next generation of developers, we hope to grow the number of women of color in technology and give underrepresented girls a chance to become the future leaders in technology and the masters of their technological worlds.

Black Girls CODE aspires to teach 1 million girls of color to code by 2040. The impact of Black Girls CODE’s 15 global chapters has been recognized as a transformative global movement. Since 2011, those chapters in the U.S. and abroad, BGC has produced technology focused programs for more than 30,000 students.

About Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is transforming the way people experience music together, wherever life takes them. It first revolutionized the way artists interact with their concert audiences by reinventing the on-stage monitor, turning it into a custom-fitted earphone. Ultimate Ears, a brand of Logitech International, continues to bring music to life with its award-winning family of wireless speakers. Founded in 1981, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). Learn more at

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