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Beauty Disruptor Susanne Langmuir Launches Innovative New Brand

Natural beauty disrupter and pioneer Susanne Langmuir is hoping to revolutionize the industry yet again with her new concept launching this fall, taking a disruptive approach to product design and ingredients, disassembling the current norms in the beauty and personal care industry and rebuilding it with fresh eyes.

“I believe people want results, they want less waste, they want simplification, and they want to help the environment,” says Langmuir, whose return to the industry follows a two-year hiatus spent grappling with her diagnosis with an autoimmune disease, and a greater understanding on the relationship between health, beauty and a balanced microbiome. “I’m excited about new beginnings, the opportunity to envision something new and see it through. I see a healthy lifestyle without compromise where everyday things are treated with utmost importance.”

The concept takes its inspiration from a recent ingredient-sourcing trip to Japan alongside her son, Thomas. The pair were struck by the way the culture surrounding sustainability and purpose filtered into the design of products and the high-quality ingredients used.

“Even just walking around Tokyo,” says Thomas. “Everything is just so thoughtful… things were multi-purpose — they don’t want to waste space, they don’t want to waste time.”

This experience sparked the creation of SL&Co, a future-forward lab. This space will offer a variety of unique launches, including product experiences that support a healthy lifestyle. With over 20 years of natural ingredient formulation experience, launching skincare is Langmuir’s next foray into disruptive beauty formulation. 

“We were blown away by the collective culture and mindset — the thoughtful approach to products, in particular, skincare,” says Langmuir. For an industry in the midst of seismic change surrounding waste and single-use packaging, the inspiration comes at a perfect time for Langmuir to yet again help pioneer change and be the beauty disruptor she’s known to be.

The new company will debut its first line in the fall with plans to launch several more in the future, leaning heavily on reducing waste and resource-usage without compromising the quality of ingredients.

“It’s about being mindful and purposeful, about taking out things you don’t need, and using ingredients that are good for the environment, that work — they have to work,” says Langmuir. “I’ve been really lucky in the past to see things a little bit ahead, it’s really scary to head in the direction that no one else is heading, you need to get the timing right … but I’ve gotten it right before.”

Indeed, Langmuir has. She launched lipstick company BITE Beauty in 2012. Two years later, it was acquired by Kendo. Her mission to create high-performance beauty products that contain ingredients “healthy enough to eat” helped the beauty disruptor earn the title, and bring something new to the market that had steady traction. The company quickly joined other well-known brands such as Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D Beauty and Formula X under the Kendo banner.

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