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Aperture Venture Capital Announces Strategic Partnership with InnovateHER Inc.

Aperture VC commits to nurturing female founders at the country's fastest-growing women's entrepreneurship organization.

Aperture Venture Capital recently announced a new strategic partnership with InnovateHER Inc. to support female founders. Aperture VC is a $75M seed-stage venture fund. It invests in Black, Latino and female founders building the future of fintech and related market spaces. InnovateHer is one of the largest entrepreneurial organizations in the country that supports a diverse spectrum of female founders. InnovateHER has approximately 5,000 members, 64 percent of whom identify as diverse or intersectional. This means they specifically belong to more than one marginalized demographic. Under the terms of the new strategic partnership, Aperture VC will support selected InnovateHER programs in three main areas: Professional Development, Advocacy and Mentorship. The Aperture VC linkage with InnovateHER will offer entrepreneurs access to the fund’s managing partners and extensive ecosystem of corporate and strategic partners.

Aperture VC managing partner Garnet Heraman says, “I’ve seen firsthand – with my own family members – the unfulfilled potential of women who would benefit from InnovateHER’s entrepreneurship programs and resources. We are proud to support the InnovateHER mission of making access to capital and capabilities more frictionless for all female founders.” InnovateHER founder and CEO Lauren Conaway notes, “More women are launching businesses than ever – and it’s crucial that we offer more support and resources to marginalized founders in order to level the playing field. Through this partnership with Aperture VC, we look forward to forging more access points to opportunity for the leaders we serve.”

About Aperture VC

Aperture Venture Capital is VC for the Multicultural Mainstream™. We have created a new investing paradigm purpose-built to back diverse founders across the US. These founders are building the next generation of game-changing tech companies. Aperture VC’s investors are leading corporations, endowments and other institutions committed to building an inclusive economy through partnership and collaboration. We are known for the innovative Diversity Investing API platform. Aperture VC works closely with treasury and corporate ventures units to expand their diversity investing toolbox. The firm is led by seasoned technology investors William Crowder and Garnet Heraman. Aperture VC helps Fortune 500 companies, endowments and institutions rapidly transform DEI strategy. With the firm’s help, these institutions can create measurable impact that amplifies their bottom line over time.

About InnovateHER KC

InnovateHER KC is a fast-growing 4,700+ member leadership community serving women and individuals from marginalized gender communities in the verticals of entrepreneurship, community advocacy, civic leadership, education and the arts. We offer our members support through what we call our Five Pillars; social connection, professional development, championship, mentorship and resource sharing.

Our reason for being and our promise to our members is a commitment to true inclusion and low-barrier-to-entry. We hope to do our part to democratize access to opportunity for ALL leaders who want to enact radical, positive change in their communities. 

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