Angelica Hanley Is Finding Her Livelihood In ACouplePuns

Angelica Hanley is the clever mind behind, ACouplePuns, an online greeting card company that’s been growing in popularity since she started it as a side hustle two years ago.  

Like so many founders, Hanley juggles many balls, acting as creator, designer, social media strategist and more at her company while taking some graduate school classes in Boston. A complete about-face from just a few years ago when she struggled to hold steady employment due to consistent relocation. As the wife of a Navy pilot, moving is the norm and before ACouplePuns spun into existence, Hanley was simply a woman who wanted to keep her mind stimulated at home. One day she picked up her husband Nicholas’ iPad and her life went in a direction.

“I had always dabbled in oil number painting random things,” she says. As she tinkered with virtual design and colors, she discovered she still had a knack for it. As she progressed, she began teaching herself new techniques and another childhood love reared its head: writing puns. As a youngster, she fell in love with wordplay and enjoyed creating puns. It was even a pastime she and her husband Nicholas enjoyed when they were first dating by sending each other witty messages.

Angelica Hanley Is Finding Her Livelihood In ACouplePuns - Lioness Magazine

Hanley says her online store is the place to go if you want to send a punny card to your significant other out of love, to congratulate a friend, or to just make someone laugh. The greeting cards have even started finding their way inside of retail locations across the U.S. As her designs grow in demand, Hanley continues to travel extensively and finds new inspiration for her greeting card collections. Before she embarks on a trip, she researches the area to find beautiful scenery, artwork and cultural landmarks.  

“I always carry a stack of cards in my purse so that I always have the opportunity for a quick photo opp,” Hanley says. 

You can catch some of her travel inspirations on Instagram.


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