The Lipstick Chronicles

Finding Your Way In The Working World When Life Throws You A New Beginning

Our resident love lady is back and sharing her new beginning as a wife, stepmother and woman needing to reclaim her work identity.

Can We Really Do It All?

I always wanted to be that woman who “does it all” and looks good while doing it but after some internal struggles – I can’t do it all and that’s OK.

If I Didn’t Jump In With Both Feet, I Wouldn’t Have An Incredible Man

I fell head over heels on the second date. We, I, moved fast; I went against my usual advice. If I didn’t jump with both feet, I wouldn’t have an incredible man.

Should men avoid dating professional women nearing their 40s?

I just came across a recent post on and, wow, was I shocked! The post said men should avoid dating women, who are professional, career women nearing their 40s. WHAT? That’s me!

What Happened To Dating?

Today, technology has clouded the dating game. Text messaging has become commonplace, and I admit it has for me too, and many times dates are arranged via text and often you never even talk on the phone before you meet. This article prompted me to think, “What happened to dating and when was the last time I was on a real date?”

From the Bedroom to Boardroom: Is sex appeal OK at work?

I have often been called “the marketing gal” and sometimes wonder if I was hired to keep the guys in line. I don’t get invited to go duck hunting or golfing (not that I know or am good at either) but I am often left out and I know these types of events are when the important conversations happen. So then what am I, and most women, to do? Do we use our female assets?

Are professional women too busy to settle down?

There was an overwhelming response to last month’s column concerning the topic of professional women’s struggle to make time for dating so I thought we’d keep the conversation going.

“Am I too busy?” and “Should I find time” are constant questions women struggle with, as do I. I find myself constantly wondering, “Do I have too much going on to focus on dating? Do I want more than just dating right now?”

Work first, dating life second – for now

I’ve been living here for the past year but in terms of job searching this was a new city and I was starting from scratch. Naturally I put my love life on hold. Who wants to date someone looking for a job, not 100 percent secure in the job she wants and is on a serious budget? I know I would be hesitant to date me so why subject anyone else to that?

Can you really work with your spouse? - Lioness Magazine

Can you really work with your spouse?

Can you really work with your spouse? Sounds like heaven, right? You love your significant other so why not work together? Well, there are pros and cons and I got expert advice this time from someone who has been working with their significant other for many years.