Ace Your Mornings to Dominate Your Life

Alarm goes off! I reach for my beloved cellphone to be greeted by a barrage of emails, project blowups and customer escalations! Scrolling through my overflowing calendar, my heart races as I begin to feel stressed. My day feels like a house of cards ready to collapse. I say to myself, “When will the elusive weekend arrive?”

If this sounds familiar, then read on.

Mornings provide a unique opportunity to nurture our mind-body connection and channel our energy to achieve exceptional results. By engaging in a mindful and healthy morning routine, we can achieve a state of wakeful rest. This state is marked by the production of alpha brain waves, which some studies say boost creativity levels.

Here are eight simple yet mighty practices to protect your morning energy and power through the day:

1) Power journaling

One of the most effective ways to clear the clutter from your mind is to journal first thing in the morning. Find a quiet space and make it your own by playing soothing music or lighting a candle. Write one page of free-flowing thoughts without judgment. This practice helps you process your emotions and move past mental blocks so you can operate with self-awareness and clarity. To start your day on a positive note, finish the journal entry by listing three things you’re grateful for.

2) Hydration

Kickstart your morning routine by sipping some water (preferably warm) to maintain your ability to concentrate, keep your joints and skin healthy, and improve nutrient circulation.

3) Nature dose

Surround yourself with nature—go for a walk or run to infuse your body with fresh air. Spending time in nature activates the parasympathetic nervous system to bolster relaxation and immune response. If you don’t have access to nature, adding potted plants to your home can have a similar effect.

4) Centering practice

Take a few minutes to practice deep breathing in a calm space. One specific breathing technique is to inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds. Repeat this exercise for at least five cycles. This meditation relaxes your body and helps you stay focused during the day. 

5) Auto suggestion

Tap into the power of mind over matter. Our brains are complex, ever-evolving machines shaped by our thoughts. Repeat empowering statements such as “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”. These affirmations are said to rewire the brain to operate in ways that support your intended outcomes.

6) Movement

Incorporate physical movement into the morning hours. It’s best to mix exercise techniques to enhance your flexibility, cardiovascular stamina, strength and balance. Exercise makes your body release endorphins, which reduce stress and heighten your feeling of well-being.

7) Nutrition

Nurturing your body is important—make breakfast a priority! Make it a habit to incorporate a variety of fruits, seeds and nuts into your breakfast. Include proteins and healthy fats. Consider avoiding sugar and drinking your coffee black for its full antioxidant benefits. We become what we consume!

8) Reading ritual

The thoughts we have during our morning routine matter greatly because they set the tone for the rest of the day. Stimulate your brain by reading content that inspires and lifts you. If you’re on the go, consider listening to an audiobook during your commute. High-functioning leaders are always seeking wisdom to expand their perspectives.

Let’s be fierce about protecting our morning hours from the barrage of external stimulations. Let’s commit to a morning ritual that promotes the most calm, creative, energized and productive version of ourselves. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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About the author

As founder and CEO of The Resilient Human, Megha Joshi injects resilience and peak performance into the business ecosystem by working with executives. Former management consultant at Deloitte Consulting and telecommunications executive at Altice and Charter Communications, Joshi drove business transformation over two decades and relates to the mounting pressure on executives.

She possesses a bachelor’s in Technology, an MBA in Strategy (The Ohio State University), Executive Education (Betsy Magness Leadership Institute) and Health Coach Certification (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). Her podcast (Boardroom Zen), shines light on how best-in-class executives thrive in the boardroom and beyond.

For more on healthy working habits, read Corporate Wellness: 5 Tips for Happy and Healthy Remote Work.

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