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9 Ways To Improve Your Multitasking Skills

By learning when and how to multitask amid all the barriers and distractions, you are making sure that you increase the productivity and boost the business’ performance. Here is what you can do to improve your multitasking skills:

Whatever you are working on, success requires undivided attention to the job. Constant distractions and unbearable burden are often part of the modern life of professional women, and this can interrupt the focus. Therefore, learning how to multitask has become one of the most essential elements in leading a professional life.

By learning when and how to multitask amid all the barriers and distractions, you are making sure that you increase the productivity and boost the business’ performance. Here is what you can do to improve your multitasking skills:

1.    Make A To-Do List

This will probably be the first step of every organization guide you might read to get more insight, but it also provides you with the unique opportunity for multitasking effectively. And while this sounds like the obvious solution to the common organizational problems, many people ignore the importance of to-do lists.

Being a successful businessperson in today’s modern world means looming deadlines and countless errands, and the brain is often confused and unable to multitask everything. When personal stuff is added to this combo, things can get really messy.

Therefore, your first and best shot at getting organized and making room for multitasking is to make a to do list.

2.    Keep The List Visible

‘’People kept telling me: ‘’Make your to-do lists every week.’’ I wouldn’t listen. When I finally was desperate enough to do this, I learned that this is life-saving. My advice is that you don’t only make a to-do list, but actually keep it visible at all times’’ – says George Jackson, HR manager at EssayGeek service in UK.

So, if you work in a messy office or take your work home often, carry this list with you. In this way, whenever you get stuck in between, you can remind yourself of what really needs to be done.

3.    Prioritize

Priorities are a prerequisite for getting your life organized. When you have a list with the things that need to be done, you can make sure to select those with highest priority and finish them in time.

So, take your time to get the priorities right. The most important and urgent tasks go first, while the less important go second. Of course, don’t forget to leave some free room for your personal life and time for yourself.

Even if this means getting rid of those unnecessary tasks in your to-do list, of course!

4.    Take On Similar And Related Tasks

According to experts, multitasking isn’t really a thing. Our brains are equipped to handle several things at the same time as long as they are related or the first one is so well-learned that it comes automatically.

Therefore, the key advice to implement in your everyday work is to work on similar tasks at a specific period of time. When the tasks are unrelated, you can easily lose focus and damage your productivity.

When you are done with one group of tasks, move to the other group of related tasks.

5.    Remove The Distractions

People are constantly distracted by technology, as well as other meaningless happenings. If you want to be able to get everything done in time, remove all distractions around you. Starting from the social media sites and e-mail notifications, to even the small details such as lighting and room temperature, it is time to make your environment ultra-productive.

6.    Delegate

No matter how great you are at what you do, you are a human. At some point, your organization, efforts and multitasking won’t be enough to get everything done. When such time comes, you must understand that multitasking involves delegating tasks to others.

If you know yourself and your capabilities, you can delegate the tasks in a way that everything gets done.

7.    Create Habits

After a while, following the constant activities in your to-do lists will become a habit. Be persistent with your activities, and you will be able to repeat them naturally while focusing on other tasks.

8.    Take Breaks

Multitasking is great for the business, but bad for your memory. If you overwhelm your body and brain with thinking about hundreds of things every day, it won’t be able to process everything and work productively.

Take breaks whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Even a short break for coffee or a stroll along the park can do wonders for your multitasking abilities.

9.    Always Plan Ahead

Planning your tasks ahead is a smart thing to do. Make sure you know your priorities, but also know the time you need to have everything done. Leave some room for unexpected problems, and you may end up having some free time in between tasks.

If you want to become successful in today’s modern and chaotic world, you need to train your brain to handle all tasks in time. Try the techniques in this list to multitask more efficiently.

Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Google+.

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