hands woman laptop notebook
hands woman laptop notebook

8 Simple Steps To Generating A High Converting Website That Makes You Money

Amanda Goldman-Petri gives you eight simple steps to create a website that grows your email list, generates leads and converts sales for your business.

hands-woman-laptop-notebookAs you can imagine, because I started in this industry as a virtual assistant, I speak with a lot of entrepreneurs about how they can build a website that not only looks good, but also generates leads and sales for their business. Every day, I speak with business owners who have a vision for the business and life they want, yet despite their commitment to that vision, 9 times out of 10 every single one of them has at least 1 of these website problems…

*** They have a website, but the brand and messaging isn’t resonating with their market. They feel their website isn’t an accurate reflection of who they are, what they do, and how they can help people.

*** They build their website by themselves using a cheap DIY builder, and now they feel trapped with a website that doesn’t make them feel good. They’re afraid to send traffic to it (or worse, when they do send traffic, nothing comes of it).

*** Their website was “professionally” designed and built, yet they still struggle to generate leads or sales from the website. They feel frustrated to have spent money on a website that didn’t end up working.

*** They have no website at all, and are worried they are missing out on opportunities to capture people’s information and market their business.

It sucks when this happens, because I know I can help these entrepreneurs not only create a website with an amazing brand that resonates with their audience and makes them feel good, but also create a website that works to convert leads and sales. The 3 steps to do this are:

1) Understand the Technical steps to building a site.
2) Conceptualize and define your Brand.
3) Develop your website with Conversion strategies in mind.

Today, we’re going to talk about number three – creating a website that converts! Understanding this will ensure you don’t waste money in a website that just sits there and doesn’t do anything for your business. Understanding this will get you leads and make you money by generating sales!

Below, you will discover eight simple steps to creating a website that grows your email list, generates leads, and converts sales for your business:

1) Add a call to action and/or opt in box in the header and footer of your website. These are 2 parts of your website that show up on EVERY single page of your site, which means they must be optimized to convert leads and sales for your business. If your header is just a logo and a menu bar, or your footer is just a copyright line, then you are missing out on an important opportunity to grow your email list on every single page of your site.

2) Make sure that your website is clearly conveying who you are, what you do, and how people can contact you “above the fold”. Meaning, you want people to be able to see RIGHT AWAY (without having to scroll down) why they should work with you and how they can do that. Therefore, pay particular attention to the copy and calls to action at the top of your site.

3) Ensure that ALL forms (yes, including your contact form) are integrated with your email marketing software. Most people who have contact forms just have a simple web form that emails them when people complete it. Instead, make sure they are added to your database, so that you remember to keep in touch with them via your newsletter.

4) Add opt in boxes throughout your website – on each page and blog. This way, no matter where they go on your site, they always have a next step to take and a way to get on your email list.

5) Make sure that your social media links (and ANY links that will take the visitor off of your website) open in a NEW window. What happens a lot of times is entrepreneurs forget this, and so when visitors click their social media buttons, they leave their website and that opportunity is lost. Not good.

6) Add a contact form pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your site. Something like vCita or Sticky Pop Up plugin will work. This way, people see on every page that there is a way for them to contact you.

7) Add a timed pop up or exit pop up to your website, so that if people try to leave, you are still able to collect their contact information.

8) Optimize your thank you pages for a desired action. Rather than taking people to a plain ol’ “thank you for signing up” page, you have a few options: (1) send them to a page that explains the steps you need them to take to confirm their email address along with a photo of the email they will receive; (2) send them to an upsell page for a product, offering, or book you want them to buy; (3) send them to an invitation page for a Facebook Group, to grow your online community; (4) send them to a surprise gift page, to get them super ramped up about working with you; (5) send them to your online schedule, so that you can get them on your calendar for a sales call; (6) send them to a page where they can share you with their friends via Facebook post or tweet.

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