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5 Ways a Podcast Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that having a podcast can give your brand competitive leverage in today’s saturated market?

A podcast is a part of a bigger marketing strategy. It helps you establish credibility, provides cross promotional opportunities and tunes into a new audience. Let’s consider how having a podcast can add value to your brand development and marketing strategy.

Combining podcasting and marketing

Your marketing plan targets specified goals to reach an audience and convert them into customers for your product or service. A good marketing strategy will contain your company’s value proposition, brand messaging, target audience demographics and goals. When hosting a podcast, you can key in on specific subjects that will interest listeners and build a dedicated audience.

So, how can podcasting give your business a leg up? Let’s dive in.

5 ways a podcast can boost your marketing strategy:

1) It helps you stand out from your competitors

Simply stated, podcasts offer great SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. Most podcast platforms have space for a description with link back opportunities to your website and your special guest. With the right keywords, your podcast can rank high in the search page results.

Lauren Boyd, attorney, mentor and host of The Lauren Boyd Show uses her podcast to cross promote to other platforms. This allows her to reuse information to engage with her audience regularly.

“Rather than adding to our to-do list, we now can intentionally create podcast content that feeds content to our blog, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We never run short on content.”

2) It provides credibility and adds value

Podcasts allow you, the expert, to provide solutions and thought-provoking insight to your audience. Often, podcast hosts talk with special guests who add credibility in that industry field or topic.

Dr. Colin Zhu of The Chef Doc and Thrive Bites podcast is a physician, speaker, author and podcast host. He finds that having a podcast where he can talk about specific topics and collaborate with others is helpful to his niche audience.

“I get a lot of positive feedback from clients, patients and healthcare professionals alike. They say that it offers important insights and different perspectives on how they look at their health and wellness. Sometimes, they can take the information back to their provider for further discussion.”

3) Podcast audiences can be hyper-targeted

There are a few key elements to understand how having a podcast can really elevate your overall marketing strategy and reach potential customers.

It’s growing in popularity.

Because podcast listeners can tune in to very specific interest topics, they become very loyal listeners and establish a one-way relationship with the host.

Regular listeners are less exposed to TV advertising.

They view more through streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Podcast listeners are likely following their favorite brands on social media, too.

Loyal podcast listeners who tune in regularly are more likely to follow the host. This gives brands another chance to get their message across to this target audience.

Jenny Chang, founder and CEO of ROCKNEVENTS and host of The Jenny Chang Experience podcast noticed that traditional advertising loses listeners’ attention. She used this knowledge and her own experience to hone her approach to her own podcast.

“I like to take a conversational approach whilst giving stories for what I am promoting and sponsoring. As an avid podcast listener, I tend to tune out when I hear a podcast promotion at the start or end. When a host or co-host is ‘speaking’ about something they believe in, I find myself more engaged.”

4) You’re able to consistently engage with your audience

Podcasts allow you to connect to your audience regularly. Even when you cross promote a blog or message through other social media channels (and you absolutely should!), listeners who subscribe to your podcast will get notified about your new episodes much like they would their favorite Netflix shows.

Rebecca Hays of Rebecca Hay Design and podcast Resilient By Design notes that having a podcast allows her brand to communicate with an interested audience.

“Our podcast has been an additional avenue to reach our diverse audience. We have a well-established design firm. When we decided to expand and create a new online learning business, having a podcast seemed like the natural fit for us,” she said. “The Resilient by Design Podcast allows me to share my business experience, grow my network within the design industry and give my audience free knowledge and tangible takeaways weekly. It doesn’t take much hassle or financial commitment.”

5) It opens new doors for collaboration

Whatever your market, if you host guests on your show, you can open doors for additional audience reach. Most likely, your guest will promote your podcast on their platforms. In addition, other industry experts may reach out wanting to share their insight with you as well, opening more doors. This has certainly been the case for own podcast, Coffee N. 5. It allowed me to create unique partnerships with brands and entrepreneurs. I may not have crossed paths with them had it not been for having them as guests on the show.

Must-have tip for your podcast

Whether your podcast is about broad expertise or a tight niche within your industry, it needs an end goal. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure every episode has a call to action that is used to generate an immediate response. Developing a dedicated audience for your podcast will help you grow your business and upgrade your marketing strategy.

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About the author

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lara Schmoisman is the founder and CEO of The Darl, a marketing content strategist and coach, host of both the Coffee N. 5 (English) and Marketing Simplificado (Spanish) podcasts and an international speaker. With more than 20 years of experience working across radio, television, film and content marketing, Schmoisman currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, two teenage sons and her dog Latte. Armed with an accent, grit and a bit of sass, Lara empowers entrepreneurs by providing accessible marketing resources and learning platforms. She offers simplified “how-to” resources across a variety of platforms including podcasts, networking workshops and events meant to facilitate life-changing global introductions in the marketing space, online marketing courses and by having active Facebook communities (both in English and in Spanish).

About the article contributors

Lauren Boyd

Lauren Boyd is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and wife who left behind the overwhelm of corporate law to pursue her calling. After several successful years of drafting and negotiating multi-million-dollar commercial contracts for a global corporation, Boyd knew it was time to find alignment with her purpose. Guide My Business is a law firm dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs at all stages in their journey with a strong legal foundation built on their personal brand. Hoping to serve more female entrepreneurs, Boyd launched a new business to offer contract templates and coaching services to help other female entrepreneurs create professional and financial freedom.

Dr. Colin Zhu

Dr. Colin Zhu is board-certified in family practice/OMT and lifestyle medicine. Passionate about the intersection of medicine, food and nutrition, Dr. Zhu trained as a chef and a health coach at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. To share his unique blend of medical knowledge with a wider audience, Dr. Zhu launched TheChefDoc website, an online wellness and lifestyle education. Dr. Zhu is an international speaker, the author of “Thrive Medicine: How To Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life,” and is the podcast host of Thrive Bites. His latest venture is a self-educational masterclass series experience called The THR5 Formula.

Jenny Chang

Jenny Chang is an event planning mogul that the world of celebrations has long been waiting for. Chang brings her distinctive and ever-evolving business strategies to break the boundaries of the experiential event sphere. As the founder of national events agency ROCKNEVENTS, she serves some of the area’s most exclusive clientele. Chang is also the founder of ROCKNUNIVERSITY, the only online learning program dedicated exclusively to aspiring event special producers. Chang is combining the event planning industry with the tech world through the creation of Vowlá, an intelligent app matching clients with their very own virtual wedding planners.

Rebecca Hays

Rebecca Hays is CEO of Rebecca Hay Designs, podcast host (Resilient by Design), international speaker and business coach. She helps driven interior designers who are frustrated and time-strapped so that they can achieve focus and clarity. She helps them implement systems and strategies to inspire their confidence and streamline their business, taking them from chaos to coordination. Her methods and experience prove that anyone can uplevel their business without working around the clock and missing out on precious family time. She built her own seven-figure interior design business through trial and error and eliminated the chaos to give her the freedom to focus on what she enjoys the most.

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