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5 Products That You Can Create For Your Online Business

We often struggle with knowing which products will ultimately benefit our business. Here are five additional ways to make money for your online business.
Shadè Y. Adu is the founder of Savvy Consulting LLC.

By Shadè Y. Adu

Creating products for your online business is crucial for your business growth yet often times we struggle with knowing which products will ultimately benefit our business. Learn 5 Products that You Can Create for Your Online Business to gain the success you desire.

  1. Content upgraded product: Doing a content upgrade is one of the ways which you can create a product for your online business. Your content upgrade needs to build upon or enhance the already existing free content. Once this has been done, you can sell this as a product to your customers and get paid for it.
  2. Create a master class: You can create a master class, decide how long you want it lo last and charge for it. Master classes are usually priced between $27 – $97. There usually will be customers who would not have the need for your full product or program, and therefore would not want to purchase it. With this, you can put up a master class for their specific need and charge them for it.
  3. Create an audio course: To create an audio course, you can have your already existing product/program videos converted to audio, which people can listen to on their iPods, iPads, cars etc. There are multiple platforms which you can use to rip the videos and have them converted to just audio. You have to make sure the sound quality is excellent for people to listen to it. Once done, you can charge whatever you want for your newly created audio course. You can as well record audio courses on your phone or computer, and again be sure to have the sound quality come out excellent.
  4. Create an e-book: E-books are one of the most popular and profitable digital products to create, and if you happen to have extensive knowledge or expertise on a subject matter, creating and selling an ebook can be really profitable for you. You can hire professionals who are freelancers on sites such as Fiverr to help you on different aspects of the e-book such as the e-book cover, design etc. Once your ebook is created, you are then ready to put it up for sale on popular sites such as Amazon.
  5. Create a system: Compared to selling a one on one/step by step product or just selling an ebook, creating a system takes a much longer time, but you will be able to make more money from creating a system. A system can take weeks or months to create, and if you create a system that is proven and works, this is will be better and beneficial for you in the long run. As it takes time to create a system, you can in the meantime create a master class, an audiobook or ebook and still earn some money.

Shadè Y. Adu is a global brand strategist, empowerment speaker, social media strategist and the founder of Savvy Consulting LLC which offers signature online branding services for visionary women entrepreneurs. These services assist clients in expanding their brand by taking their brands global. Adu teaches entrepreneurs how to strategize and establish themselves as visible and credible online rockstars. Her years of experience as an international educator and trainer allow her to offer creative solutions in order to point womenpreneurs and their brands on the coveted path of profitable online brand building success.

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