35 Things I Learned By Hanging Out With Older Women

Hanging out with older women definitely has its bonuses. From men to work, their knowledge is invaluable. Here's what they taught me.

womenSince I was in my early 20s, I have always gravitated toward people who are older than me. It was never a conscious decision. For some reason older women just happened to make some of the best friends. Their wisdom has helped me cut a lot of corners and today I am going to share just a few of the things I have learned. Here are 35 Things I Learned By Hanging Out With Older Women:

  1. Don’t get drunk on cheap alcohol.
  2. Sometimes men who are easy on the eyes are heavy on the heartache.
  3. Always have a plan B.
  4. When you do something wrong once, it’s a mistake. When you do it more than once, it’s a habit.
  5. Always save your receipts.
  6. Always be classy.
  7. A good mattress makes a world of difference.
  8. You never know who’s watching.
  9. Never go against your gut.
  10. The movie will never ever be as good as the book.
  11. Sometimes comfort trumps style.
  12. Everyone is not your friend.
  13. Sometimes the things you worry over don’t matter and sometimes the things you dismiss do.
  14. Speaking louder doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be heard.
  15. Good music stands the test of time.
  16. Wait for the sale.
  17. After two drinks, you won’t care if you can dance.
  18. People never forget a handwritten thank you note.
  19. Don’t pretend to know everything.
  20. Don’t put your expectations on others.
  21. Everyone has a story.
  22. Be accountable for your actions.
  23. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be listening to Michael Jackson.
  24. Everyone 45 and older calls people under age 30 kids.
  25. After a certain point in marriage, when women eyeball your husband, you don’t feel jealous, you feel proud.
  26. You never stop telling your kids what to do.
  27. Enjoy the moment.
  28. You’re never too old to make a change.
  29. We all have insecurities.
  30. Save yourself the headache by doing it right the first time.
  31. George Clooney was number one … until Tony Goldwyn happened on “Scandal.”
  32. Don’t refuse chocolate. Even if you don’t want it, take it anyway and give it to another woman.
  33. Always be nice to the person with the good candy dish in the office.
  34. We all get asked to do things outside of our job description. Suck it up.
  35. When you make your mother’s favorite recipe long after she’s gone, it’s the sentiment that makes it taste so good.


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Natasha Zena

Around age eight Natasha Zena was told it was a woman’s job to take care of the home and since then she has built a career out of telling women they can do whatever the hell they want to do. She is the co-founder of Lioness, the go-to news source for everything female entrepreneur. Natasha was recognized as an emerging leader in digital media by The Poynter Institute and the National Association of Black Journalists. She has mentored women entrepreneurs and moderated panels at a number of national accelerators, Startup Weekends and conferences such as The Lean Startup Conference, the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Women Empower Expo and Smart Cities Connect. Natasha is also the author of the popular whitepaper, "How To Close The Gender Gap In Startup Land By 2021." In her spare time, she writes short fiction and hangs out with her son, Shaun.

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