Blogger covers at Lioness 8
Blogger covers at Lioness 8

2017’s Coolest Startups – Eosera

Eosera launched Earwax MD, the healthcare industry’s first earwax impaction solution to safely and effectively dissolve wax blockage in a single dosage.

2017's Coolest Startups - Eosera - Lioness MagazineHolding a BA from the University of Notre Dame and MBA from Southern Methodist University, bio tech entrepreneur Elyse Stolz Dickerson is making her name known throughout the U.S. launching healthcare products.

Determined to find fulfillment in the job she does, Dickerson left the pharmaceutical company and started out on her own. After leaving her previous occupation, Dickerson started Eosera with the purpose to heal people.

Seeing a common problem, Eosera Inc. launched their new product Earwax MD in the U.S. Market on April 5 at the Audiology NOW! Conference in Indiana. Earwax MD is said to be the healthcare industry’s first earwax impaction solution to safely and effectively dissolve wax blockage in a single dosage.

“We know that Earwax MD will help people worldwide with earwax impaction, especially those who are more prone to the condition such as the elderly and hearing aid users. By bringing this novel innovation to market, our goal is to improve the lives of both doctors and patients by saving people time and money,” Dickerson said. “Patients can now proactively clean their ears at home which means less visits to the doctor for earwax removal. Instead of having to dig out earwax, audiologists and hearing aid centers can now fit patients for hearing aids in one visit.”

In a clinical evaluation of Earwax MD, a total of 30 ears with moderate to severe earwax impaction were tested. A single application of Earwax MD (consisting of up to two doses) not only fully cleared the impaction in 86 percent of test subjects but also reduced symptoms by 82 percent.

Dickerson learned in her previous career that it is not just about making money and knows that in order to feel successful, she must have more of a purpose.

The company is rapidly growing and their product is now available on Amazon since April and will be launching nationwide in CVS stores this summer. In addition, Eosera also has many new products in the pipeline that they eventually plan to bring to the market.

In addition to running her successful company, Dickerson also mentors other women who are looking to pursue careers within the healthcare and technology field. She feels strongly about gender equality and women in business and has won the “2016 Women in Technology Award” from the Dallas Business Journal, among many others.

The process of running this company taught Dickerson lessons of her own, one being that many people are going to be willing to help you get to where you want to be, something that she will always be grateful for.

When asked what is the best advice for other entrepreneurs Dickerson advised, “Step through your fear. We all have fear that holds us back. Often this fear goes unrecognized, but once you can put a name to it, you can step through it and live your purpose. I had plenty of fears…fear of losing my income, fear of failure, fear of the unknown.” She added, “I finally realized that my fears were paralyzing me and that I had the power to change my life.”

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