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10 Presents for the Female Entrepreneur: Our 2023 Gift Guide

Gift-giving during the holidays can be a hassle, especially when there are a million other things to think about. From planning holiday parties to juggling where to find the perfect gift, we’re here to relieve some of that stress. Our annual gift guide has the perfect presents for the female entrepreneur in your life. We might not always know what stage they’re in on the entrepreneurial journey, which makes choosing the right gift challenging. This guide offers some of the best ideas for this holiday season to show your love and support! 

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1. The Away Backpack 

away backpack

Price: $195

As entrepreneurs, there’s no doubt that they’re always on the go. The Away Front Pocket Backpack is the perfect solution for those who want to stay organized while traveling or commuting! The bag also comes in three different colors and can be personalized. The backpack is crafted from water-resistant nylon, has plenty of pockets and includes a padded laptop sleeve for extra device protection. Having a great bag is essential when you’re running around and traveling frequently for work or play. Visit Away for countless options to find the perfect fit! 

2. The Dot Business Card: “The Future of Networking” 

dot card

Price: Starting at $20 

Networking is essential. People usually trade run-of-the-mill business cards, but what if your card could help you stand out? Carrying around a stack of paper business cards is such a hassle. Give the gift of a single digital business card to the entrepreneur or business owner in your life! Phone numbers, social media and contact details can be shared in a split second simply by tapping another person’s device with this product. These cards, or “Dots,” can be personalized according to company, or purchased in a variety of colors! Visit their website,, to see all the options. 

3. Kindle Unlimited Membership 


Price: Starting at $59.94 for 6-month membership 

Give the gift of knowledge. There’s nothing more valuable than learning when it comes to starting your own business. Gifting an entrepreneur access to a library of information and knowledge will be one of their greatest resources. This platform allows entrepreneurs to choose the books they find valuable, saving you the time of picking something out that they might not like. To gift a Kindle Unlimited Membership, go to the “Your Account” tab on Amazon after you’ve signed in and find the “Kindle Unlimited” section to start the gifting process. 

4. Entrepreneur Mug 


Price: $23.95 

If you’re looking for something simpler and budget-friendly, a mug is always a staple in the world of gift-giving. This mug is perfect for those who want to show their support for entrepreneurship but don’t know what will be most useful. When it comes to the holiday season, it’s the thought that counts! 

 Grab it on Amazon: Entrepreneur Mug 

5. Technology Accessories Organizer 

cable organizer

Price: $9.85 

We now live in a world where chargers, cables, headphones and other tech gadgets are vital to business success. For the entrepreneur on-the-go or anyone else who wants to keep wires and tech from being lost in their bags, this is the perfect solution. Help them stay organized and relieve them from the pain of having to untangle a mess of wires!  

Grab it on Amazon: Tech Organizer 

6. Innovation Women Membership 

IW store images 3

Price: $120/year 

Know any public speakers or subject matter experts? Is someone you know interested in starting their public speaking career? Give them the perfect gift of a one-year subscription to Innovation Women! Whether you’re a boss, coworker, sister, mother, husband, second cousin or friend, we all have someone who belongs on stage. They might be the passionate speaker, the visionary who helps us see the world differently, the expert who helps train or teach people or the subject matter we want to sit next to on a panel. This platform will help them start or boost their dreams of speaking on a stage! 

Grab it at the Innovation Women Store: 1-Year Membership 

7. Gift a MasterClass 


Price: Starting at $120/year 

Everyone has a passion or an interest. MasterClass is a streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone and everyone to learn about a wide range of subjects from experts in different industries. From learning how to cook from Gordon Ramsey to business strategy from Bob Iger, this year-long membership will give your favorite entrepreneur access to over 180 different classes across 11 different categories.  

Gift the membership here: MasterClass Gifts 

8. Tatcha Skincare Set 

tatcha set

Price: $68 

Everyone needs to be pampered once in a while, and what better way than to do it through skincare? Tatcha is a Japanese skincare company that focuses on making high-quality beauty products with only the cleanest and safest ingredients available. This amazing cleanser set includes the best and most popular cleansers and moisturizers from the brand. Made for all different skin types, this is the perfect gift to pamper your hardworking entrepreneur. It also comes with a cute cosmetics bag!  

Grab it at: Sephora – Tatcha Set 

9. Cometeer Coffee Pods  


Price: $84 for one-time purchase, $64/month for subscribers  

Does your entrepreneur love coffee? Many hardworking individuals cannot survive without coffee. In other words, they’re coffee addicts! If you are looking for something to gift other than coffee beans or coffee grounds, Cometeer Coffee is the perfect gift. This is artisanal, flash-frozen coffee from world-renowned brewers. It arrives in frozen, 100 percent recyclable aluminum pods. All you have to do is let the flash-frozen coffee melt, mix it with hot water or anything you want, and it’s ready to serve. No brewing is required. Although it is on the pricier side for coffee, it’s perfect for those who want to gift something unique to the coffee lover in your life! 

Grab a gift card at: Cometeer Gifts 

10. Stonewall Kitchen Gift Set 

stonewall kitchen

Price: $59.95 

Gift this delicious Antipasto Gift Set from the iconic Stonewall Kitchen brand. Made with high-quality ingredients, this set includes two dipping oils, two spreads and a do-it-yourself bread mix! The spreads and dips pair perfectly with any bread, perfect for when a busy entrepreneur needs a quick snack. The bread mix turns baking into a fun activity for kids and adults alike. There’s nothing more delicious than fresh bread paired with a delicious collection of spreads and dips to elevate an appetizer or snack to the next level.

Get the gift basket here at: Stonewall Kitchen

Spread the love and show your appreciation for an entrepreneur this season. Make them feel special and support them through thick and thin with these thoughtful gifts. Happy holiday shopping this season!  

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