10 New Tools To Make Your Life And Business Easier

Here are 10 of Tracey Osborne's favorite new tools to make everything a little easier on you this summer (and year around).

10 New Tools to Make Your Life And Business Easier - Lioness MagazineLike we talked about last week, summer is the hardest time to keep the productivity train moving, when there are so many better things to do with your time – splashing in the pool, chasing after the ice cream truck, and late nights outside, just to name a few.

So today, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite new tools to make everything a little easier on you this summer (and year around).

1. HabitForge is a tool for creating daily habits toward larger goals. It works for goals like shedding a few pounds just as well as it works for making the most of your next product launch. They’ll send you reminders and even allow you to join teams of people working toward similar goals.

2. Moosti – Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique for organizing your time and staying productive? Moosti is a web app that helps you stay on track using the Pomodoro method.

3. Trello is a graphic, flexible way to organize any project with anyone. It’s great for visual thinkers because it lays everything out in front of you.

4. Witty Parrot – Do you ever spend a few minutes searching through old emails or files for a paragraph that you could have rewritten in as long as it took you to search? Witty Parrot does the searching for you – through email, documents, and even your social media posts.

5. Objectiveli is for people who hate to do lists. It’s a visual, creative method of tracking measurable objectives toward goals. You can also share goals and objectives between team members and stakeholders.

6. Focus at Will – Sometimes I just want to drown everything else out and get work done, which can be hard in my house! Focus at Will is a music tool to help you do that. It plays music that is scientifically optimized to boost your concentration and focus.

7. iThoughts is a mind-mapping tool for the digital age. It allows you to search and use things you find online in your beautiful, visual mind-map, all from your iPhone and iPad.

8. Adblock Plus takes the ads off the Internet! If you find it’s distracting to see that camping equipment you looked at on Amazon on every website you visit, install this plug-in that’s available for the major browsers and all you’re left with is content.

9. ZenPen is a minimalist writing zone. Think of it as an online Microsoft Word without the distracting formatting and with handy tools like word count target.

10. StickK – If you’re a sucker for peer pressure, StickK is made for you. It’s a goal-setting tool that uses your friends and even your money to incentivize you to meet your goals.

Have a great, productive summer!

Tracey-Osborne_1692910Tracey Osborne is an expert Project Manager and Virtual Assistant. As CEO of Business Solutions Made Simple, a multi-VA company, Tracey and her team who assist high achieving entrepreneurs in surpassing their goals by managing the behind the scenes operations. By removing the stress of daily operations, Tracey and team allows her clients the focus and freedom to do whatever it is that they do best… thus resulting in heightened profit and growth. Grab her FREE audio, The Busy Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon.

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