Put The Fun Back In Business To See Your Business Thrive

Posted on February 20, 2017 by Lioness Staff

Put The Fun Back In Business To See Your Business Thrive  - Lioness Magazine

Simone Milasas, founder of Joy of Business

How much does how we feel factor into getting paid? Successful Australian entrepreneur and leading business coach Simone Milasas said in order to succeed in business, we should replace and negative thoughts with those of joy and fun. “What if those easy and fun things for you were actually what could make you more money than you can imagine?” Milasas said. “What would you do, who would you talk to and where would you go to start creating that as a reality, right away?”

Below Milasas shares her wisdom on treating business like a playground. She recommended these three steps to put the fun back in business when it feels like there is no enjoyment left:

1. Get Rid of Significance

When you build form and structure around a business and define what your business is (before it is even created) you are limiting the possibilities. Making a conclusion before a business action has been made puts up barricades and stops things from moving forward. Notice what you have decided is an impossibility and change it into a possibility by asking questions rather than coming to conclusion.

2. Make Demands

Expectations should be met with the demands you have for your own business. Want your business to be big? Have more employees? Make the demand. Write down a demand list of things you want to create for your business i.e. I want 2 new investors this month or I want 5 new enquiries this week. Don’t get caught up in the how – if you are not willing it will not show up.

3. Give up Competition

The manner in which business is conducted is all about competing—getting more customers, making more money, and one-upping others in the same industry with your marketing, products, or services. If you’re doing competition, you’re focused on what others are doing and how you compare.

Competition is designed for everyone to be “less than”—if you’re doing competition, you can’t really be you. There truly is no one for you to compete with, because there is no other you.

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