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“X” Marks the Spot For July’s Money Resources [2022]

Grab your shovels because it's time to search for some funds!

While you’re sitting on the beach this July, why not go treasure hunting for your small business? We have seven pitch competitions, accelerators, monthly contests and other money resources to get some booty into your company. The purple links mark the spot to dig!

Be wary, some treasures can only be claimed depending on your company. Make sure you qualify and meet the deadlines to score the treasure!

Explore money resources:

Founder Institute

  • For: Startups and solo founders
  • What: Funding, pitching opportunities to investors
  • Deadline: July 24
  • Application difficulty: Long and expensive.
  • Note: $699 entrance fee

Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders

  • For: Women founders
  • What: Three months of equity-free support
  • Deadline: July 28
  • Application difficulty: Easy

Monthly Amber Grant – July

  • For: Women-owned businesses 
  • What: $10,000 grant
  • Deadline: July 30
    •  Grant winners are announced by the 23rd of the following month.
  • Application difficulty: Easy. Two paragraphs.
  • Note: $15 application fee


  • For: For-profit technology or technology-enabled company
    • Be majority woman-owned and operated (51% percent)
    • Have not (yet) received funding from angel or venture investors
  • What: $50,000
  • Deadline: August 5
  • Application difficulty: Medium. 50 questions.

Fast Break for Small Business

  • For: Small businesses
  • What: $10,000 and free Legalzoom services
  • Applications opening during 2022 NBA Season
  • Application difficulty: Hard. Very competitive, but best exposure.

National Association of the Self-Employed

  • For: NASE members
  • What: $4,000
  • Deadline: No deadline, quarterly application review
  • Application difficulty: Easy. Explain the intentions of the grant.

Forum VC

  • For: Small businesses
  • What: $100,000 for 7.5 percent
  • No deadline
  • Application difficulty: Medium. A 15-minute form.

Act fast and earn money to support your business, let the hunting begin!

For more tips on generating money resources, read our coverage of  Six Things That Successful Crowdfunding Projects Have in Common! You may also like 34 Funding Sources For Female Entrepreneurs and our 2022 Resource Guide for more information.

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