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In Her Own Words: How Today’s Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs Can Launch A Profitable Business While Raising Children

In Her Own Words: Bubble Pop Beauty CEO and mother of two Christina Crawford swings by to share her story of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Tips From Mom of Two and the Bubble Pop Beauty CEO Christina Crawford

In Her Own Words: How Today’s Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs Can Launch A Profitable Business While Raising Children - Lioness Magazine
Bubble Pop Beauty CEO Christina Crawford

The day I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, I was in great shape. I felt fit and I felt great. And during the first three months, I was filled with excitement as my body changed and that I would one day very soon be called “mommy.”  

Life seemed to be different for me from the moment that I found out I was expecting.  My body was no longer my own and had been taken over by a baby that grew to be eight pounds. In just a short time span of 19 months, I would deliver my second child. After him, my weight increased to 175 pounds. I was frustrated with the weight gain; I thought life was over, but then I realized a new chapter was starting. You don’t wake up being the perfect mom or having the perfect figure.  Life is just different and now you have to put in some hard work and be a thinker if you are still going to make your dreams come true, to live the life you desire.  

I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I had to pull myself out of a depression. I set goals and then I prioritized them. I did vision boards and I learned to meditate. I attacked my list one goal at time and I made sure to lose the weight! The same holds true for running a business and raising children.

As a busy entrepreneur and mom of two kids under the age of 10, I have learned the following tips:

  • Create a life for your kids separate from yours.  When they are at after school activities or sports, steal time for yourself.  
  • Take time for yourself and your business before your children wake up and after they go to sleep.
  • If your child or children are old enough, incorporate them into your business. Give them small tasks so they feel a part of your vision.  When I formed Bubble Pop Beauty, I told my children what I was doing and explained the products and product development process to them.  
  • Create a support system with like-minded people. When I was launching and growing my company in the early stages, I would set up playdates with friends that knew my goals and who were supportive during those high-growth times. I would do the same for them.
  • When my children would craft, play games, do their homework, or simply read, I would complete important work while they were busy.
  • Work-life balance is so important when you’re an entrepreneur and mom. You need to schedule date nights or nights with friends so it’s important to have a list of trusted babysitters.
  • Planning a girls’ trip once a year is a great way to stay connected with good friends.  
  • If you are still working full-time, make a calendar of important dates for school events/ activities and create an open communication with your boss prior so that you can make these special moments.  The sooner your employer knows, the better. I would give my former employer my kids’ schedules a year in advance.  
  • Hard decisions have to be made, so it’s important to know that you may not make every event.  If I could not make one of kid’s events, I had family or friends tape them and would later make a special viewing party with them. I always explained to my kids why I could not make a special event.
  • Be honest and open with yourself. You will have good days and bad ones.  There will be tears and frustration, but keep pushing beyond the fear and embrace your destiny.

Running a beauty brand is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but knowing that I am doing it for my family as well as fueling my passion makes it all worth it.

Christina Crawford is the President of Bubble Pop Beauty, LLC, an Atlanta-based, e-commerce hair and skincare brand designed for young female consumers. She was inspired to launch the brand by her seven-year-old daughter.  She holds a B.A., in Communications from New York University and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. Crawford currently lives in Atlanta.

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