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When Entrepreneurs Become Authors — 10 Books For and From Business Owners

We know you’ve got a pile of business books on your bedside table. (We all do.) Inside those books is the answer to a problem you are currently wrestling with, a life-changing concept or an ah-ha moment. You just don’t know WHICH book.

Starting a business is plenty of work on its own, but some women share their professional knowledge by writing a book. We asked entrepreneurs who are authors to send us their own business books and give us a one-sentence explanation of why THIS is the book you should read now.

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Laura Grant

Laura Grant is a recent graduate of Western New England University with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. She spent her undergraduate term developing her writing and communication skills through internships, tutoring, and student media involvement. Her goal is to publish a novel one day.


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  • Hello Laura! I believe that reading books help you in achieving your goals. Many women share their success stories through books. One of my favorite books, “Yes I Can”, also contains such success stories by 16 inspirational people around the world.