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What To Consider When Designing Your Reception, Lobby, Waiting Or Lounge Area

Designing your reception area is more important than you may think. It's the first room that greets your customers and guests. Here's what to consider ...

What To Consider When Designing Your Reception, Lobby, Waiting Or Lounge Area - Lioness MagazineThe reception area of your business is one of the most important spaces in your organization. As the first point of contact with potential clients, customers or guests, the reception area starts the conversation about your company non-verbally. Through its layout, efficiency and style, the potential client will start to form their opinion of you and the services that you provide before they speak with anyone.

A business’s success relies largely on first impressions. That is why it is key to design and organize the area with this thought in mind. Let’s face it: Your future depends on it.

Exude Professionalism.

When someone enters a reception space, they expect clarity, cleanliness and a sense of organization. Through signage and well-marked “calls to action”, the potential customer will be able to navigate your space with ease and as a result will quickly meet your receptionist or greeter without an initial feeling of frustration or doubt.

Having been well-guided, the customer won’t experience feelings of uncertainty or embarrassment and will meet the staff with an optimistic outlook.

The reception area of the business should be organized and lack clutter. Nothing speaks of incompetence more than a space filled with papers, post-its and knick-knacks invading it.

By way of a clean aesthetic and the proper use of transaction counters, filing systems and case goods, you will achieve an eye-appealing space and will be off to a good start in the impression-making department.


Modern reception desks are available in a myriad of configurations, colors, materials, shapes and sizes. When selecting a reception desk for your space, it is important to understand what will transpire when the client approaches. Will your customers only interact with the front desk staff momentarily or will they use the reception desk to complete documents or have lengthier conversations? Is it important to your organization that there is a lower transaction top available for those who utilize wheelchairs? Do you anticipate your customer standing, sitting or both when at the reception desk?

When considering the integration of a modern reception desk, attention will need to be paid to the electronic and telephone equipment employed by the staff and visitors. Cords and wires can add to an unorganized appearance and may be downright cumbersome. Many wire management systems, which include grommet holes and access panels, may be integrated into a reception desk to assist in the overall aesthetic, organization and usefulness of the work and transaction surfaces.

Contemporary Comfort.

If your business requires the potential client or guest to wait for short periods, the selection of adequate and comfortable lounge seating is vital. The more comfortable the seating, the less likely the client will become impatient and antsy. A comfortable and modern lounge chair allows the guest to relax and enjoy the well-appointed space you’ve designed. The employment of high-end upholstery (that is durable and allows for periodic cleaning) and uniquely styled chairs make the user feel important and catered to, thus making them to eager to do business with your firm.

When selecting reception seating, it is important to consider various body types and other factors. For example, if your business generally caters to seniors, you may not want to consider a chair that is ultra-soft and sinks in when the user sits. In contrast, if your primary client is younger and more vibrant, a lounge chair that meets the user with deep, soft cushions may be more appropriate. By putting yourself in your client’s… uh… seat, you will better understand the best lounge furniture to incorporate into your reception area design.

Modern Memories.

Impressions can turn into memories and memories into relationships and profits. When designing your reception, lobby, waiting or lounge area, this should be your ultimate goal: Make memories. A modern space that is well-marked, efficient, comfortable and meets the needs of its end-user will be pleasantly memorable. Back it up with a great staff who gives great service and you’re certain to be successful! is a leading distributor of modern reception desks, lounge seating and office furniture. For those wishing to create a reception area that conveys a progressive, competent and stylish message, visit today.

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