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What Can You Achieve in Six Months? 10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Goals

Ever wondered what you could get done in six months? Here's a glimpse into the creative, ingenious and inspiring goals of other entrepreneurs.

Six months. That’s 183 days, 4380 hours, 262800 minutes. There’s so much you could do with that time. If you want to avoid getting stuck and spinning your wheels, you need a plan for the future. Entrepreneurs should set regular, actionable goals to guide the direction of their business and career.

Need some inspiration? I reached out to female founders to ask a simple question: what do you want to achieve in the next six months, and how are you making it happen?

Pop-up shops, celebrity sponsors, pilot’s licenses – there were so many surprising responses to choose from. These 10 represent some of the most helpful or unique. They provide an inside glimpse into the process of launching a product or TV show and demonstrate exactly what needs to be done to make a dream a reality.

Read on, and let’s start brainstorming!

Rachel Blank, Founder and CEO, Allara

I launched a virtual care platform that helps women access the full spectrum of care for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It’s revolutionized the way this common but often misunderstood condition is approached. I’m eager to expand to focus on other chronic conditions using the same model. To do that, I’ve been focused on bringing in more investors and advocates. Recently, actress and activist Jaime King partnered with us, which I think is going to go a long way in getting people interested in our successful telehealth model.

Devin Tomiak, Founder, The Biggies Conversation Cards

In the next six months, I’m focused on growing my wholesale business. Having sold directly to consumers through my website for the last year, I’ve learned that it’s hard to get exposure for your product without a large marketing budget. I believe I can reach a much bigger audience by tapping into online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

In January, I began approaching stores where I see my customer shopping – gift shops, toy stores and book stores, for example. On Mondays, I research stores and get contact information for buyers. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I send emails to pitch my product. And on Thursdays, I follow up. I try to be methodical so as not to lose track of my goal.

Lynda O’Malley, Founder and CEO, this is willow

My business goal is to launch with our first capsule collection of sustainably and locally made womenswear for this is willow. This includes sub-goals: first, finalizing production orders for two more pieces to add to our first design that’s already available. Second, to build a community up organically in advance of our hard launch via social media. Third, to explore paid advertising to raise brand awareness and build up our community of sustainable fashion enthusiasts.

To meet our goals, I’ve placed a production order for a top and a dress, and I’m lining up product development for a fall/winter release. I’ve set up business accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. I have also set up Meta (Facebook) Business Manager, Google Ads and put a communications and SEO strategy in place. We made our first hire through a hiring grant to support our launch preparation.

Nancy Landrum, M.A., Owner and Creator, Millionaire Marriage Club

I just signed a one-year contract to host a one hour/week TV show that teaches healthy relationships principles and skills! This show has the potential of reaching thousands – or even millions – of adults with the power of the communication and conflict management skills I’ve been teaching and writing about for 27 years.

I’ve outlined the first 40 shows on a spreadsheet with suggestions for interviews, support materials and free downloads from my website. I’m working with the technical director to learn the ropes of managing the technology and skills needed for the show. I should be ready to launch sometime in April. My intention is to make every show informative and engaging and very relatable!

Anna Latorre, Founder, Anna Spanish

I’m a Spanish teacher that currently teaches a variety of ages online. Although I’m doing well, I hope to expand my business to increase my brand awareness. I want to be the first person people think about when they decide they want to learn a new language!

I am hoping to increase this awareness by being more present on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Although I already have accounts set up, I want to create more interactive content to increase customer engagement. It can be tough to have a business without any social media presence. I’m working on building the right skills to create interesting content, infographics, blog posts and videos. Although this is not an area in which I am super knowledgeable, I hope that in the next six months that I will be able to increase my skill set to be able to make my company more well known!

Susana Saeliu, Co-Founder, Pluto

One of our main goals is to execute a successful launch of a new flagship product. We developed this new product alongside IDEO (who created the first Apple mouse as well as one of our favorite products, the Willow Wearable breast pump). It’ll be an exciting milestone for us as it will be in an adjacent vertical outside of the bedroom and something we haven’t ever seen before as consumers ourselves.

As with new product launches, there are so many moving parts we have to be mindful of to ensure success. First, we’re revamping our website in a big way to showcase our growing ecosystem of comfort products. Our current website puts all of the focus on our first product, the custom Pluto Pillow. But we also launched the PUFF last year, the “galaxy’s comfiest body pillow”, which also deserves to be showcased on our homepage.

Second, we’re leveraging our community of customers and partners as a part of this launch. It’s going to be a product that people are going to want to share on social media, so we’ll be taking full advantage of that attribute. Third, we’re working hard with our PR team and the press to share the ‘why’ behind this product. Finally, we’ve been working nonstop to shore up our operations and supply chain systems to prevent any potential delays in the current logistics climate.

Claudia McMullin, Founder and CEO, Hugo Coffee Roasters

Right now, I’m focused on securing funding for future growth. I’m continuing to expand our direct-to-consumer footprint to bring Hugo Coffee’s roasts to more households of animal lovers across the country. The more we grow, the more small rescues and animal sanctuaries we can help. I’m also looking to launch Hugo Coffee K Cups in 2022.

To make this a reality, I’m actively pitching to secure angel capital from both local and national sources. I’m also leaning heavily on the close, supportive network of the Tori Burch Foundation Fellows Program that I’m a part of. All of the female founders in that group have been incredibly helpful when it comes to lending insight into raising capital.

Whitney Joy Smith, President, Smith Investigation Agency

I’m in ground school to obtain my pilot’s license. Once I’m licensed, we plan to develop the only aerial surveillance service in Canada. It’s a niche market that can be very valuable for areas where traditional surveillance is impossible.

I’m currently in ground school five days a week and working with former police and investigative specialists to develop this niche team and determine how we will operate.

Peggy Choi, Founder and CEO, Lynk

Over the next six months, we’re looking forward to expanding our product offerings at Lynk. We want to provide even more solutions that will enable companies to easily access, manage and share knowledge at scale. As many companies continue to operate remotely, having a way to efficiently find and organize expertise and knowledge has become more crucial than ever. We’re rolling out a new solution in the coming months that will address many of the issues organizations across nearly every industry face – finding the right expertise at the right time to make better business decisions. We’re excited about the continued growth and expansion of our offerings as we look to transform the knowledge ecosystem.

Lauren Petrullo, CEO and Founder, Mongoose Media; Founder, Asian Beauty Essentials; Chief Marketing Officer, Beau & Belle Littles; Co-Founder, Bot Blondes

In the next six months, I want to master bilingual SEO. At Mongoose Media, we work with many e-commerce brands advertising to English-speaking countries. We’ve seen an uplift of new business from the ESL market that we want to capitalize on and optimize for.

One store, Asian Beauty Essentials, is in the midst of a full Spanish launch of the site. We’re translating all of our blogs, collections and product pages and also evaluating how to best optimize them for SEO. The opportunity lies in ensuring that it’s not disruptive to inventory management, site speed and has an A+ user experience for our customers. This can include updating our site URLs to reflect the product name and collection category in Spanish.

To make this a reality, we’re leveraging a tool called Jasper to help us quickly bring our SEO-translated pages to reality. We’re also connecting with Shopify masterminds and SEO gurus to find the unicorn who has done this before. We’re also doing minor tests on a few product pages to measure the increased organic traffic and URL ranking (according to Ahrefs).

We’ve got a team and a process in place to bring this “local internationalization” to life.

Looking for resources to help you accomplish your goals? Check out our 2022 Resource Guide here!

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