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Wells Fargo Joins NAWBO to Help Women Business Owners Launch Right

The new startup program is for women exiting the workforce in rural regions and marginalized socioeconomic communities.

Launch Right, the new NAWBO Institute program. is currently accepting applications from women business owners. A Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund grant has made the program possible. The goal is to reach and positively impact women who do not get enough representation and are exploring entrepreneurship. Launch Right wants to provide these women with tools for a strong start.

As we adjust to the pandemic and workplaces prepare to re-open, many women are taking a hard look at how they work. A long commute, worry over childcare and lack of flexibility are leading many to explore entrepreneurship. Owning your own business has many benefits, but building a business is also hard work. In fact, 50 percent of small businesses fail and many never really get off the ground.

“The process of starting and building a business is even harder when you’re a woman small business owner in a rural region or marginalized socioeconomic community,” said Kathleen Warnick, 2021-2022 Board Chair of the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational foundation of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). “These women have big dreams, but often lack the support and resources to be successful, which is why NAWBO is stepping up to provide those with help from our partners at Wells Fargo.”

Giving women business owners a path forward

“What’s exciting about the Launch Right program is that it is focused on aspiring small business owners at a time when many people are choosing entrepreneurship as their path forward,” said Val Jones, who represents Wells Fargo on the National Advisory Council for NAWBO. “Having access to NAWBO’s vast network of experts can help an entrepreneur better plan and get their ideas off the ground. At Wells Fargo, we understand the value of technical assistance and how it can potentially speed up success on an entrepreneur’s journey.”

Starting this winter, the program will be delivered through a dynamic workshop series for two six-month cohorts. The series will be available virtually and on-demand to reach across the country. NAWBO is the voice of America’s 11.6 million women business owners. NAWBO members will play a role in these workshops by sharing their stories and expertise.

Series offerings

The series’ combination of webinars and facilitated roundtables will:

  • Guide participants through self-discovery to discern whether they possess the temperament, knowledge and resources that lead to business success
  • Lead them through the start-up phases of business, discussing business forms, trademarks and copyrights, financial record keeping, marketing and more
  • Provide a membership in NAWBO and roundtable groups so they have ongoing support from NAWBO’s community of women business owners

To learn more about Launch Right and apply by the November 30th deadline, please visit


Founded in 1975, NAWBO is the unified voice of America’s more than 11.6 million women-owned businesses representing the fastest growing segment of the economy. NAWBO is the only organization that takes dues representing the interests of all women entrepreneurs across all industries. NAWBO develops programs that help navigate women entrepreneurs through the various stages of their business growth. To learn more, please visit

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