Weekly Round Up (Aug. 1 – Aug. 5): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women

Did you miss a day or two of startup news this week? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a mashup of Startup News & Advice weekly round up style:

Weekly Round Up (Aug. 1 – Aug. 5): A Mashup of Startup News & Advice For Women - Lioness MagazineDid you miss a day or two of startup news this week? Did you forget some tips you wanted to implement at your startup? It happens. You’re out there trying to rule the world for crying out loud. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice you should know weekly round up style:

Things To Add To Your To-Do List

1. Apply for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (CWIA). The prize has increased to $100,000 (from $20,000) per winner. To apply, CWIA has the following criteria:
· An original for-profit business creation
· In the start-up phase: between 2-3 years of operations
· The main leadership position must be filled by a woman

Submission to the CWIA deadline is August 31st, 2016. Apply here.

2. Do these eight things in five minutes to enhance your social media: Keep Your Social Media Profiles Consistent, “Just Keep Posting (post daily), Publishing Content Specific to Your Audience, Set Up Google Alerts For Your Industry News, Ask for Reviews, Update Your GooglePlus Page, Add Video and “I put that S*@t on Everything” (post nothing without your logo on it).

3. Lioness is teaming up with professional makeup artist Lauren J, best known for her work at New York Fashion Week and Under Armour productions, for a one-time, killer beauty event. Come live or tune-in via livestream. It’s BYOM (Bring Your Own Makeup) on Saturday, August 13 at 12:30 p.m. Learn how to get your face from boardroom to beach ready in minutes. Get your tickets at lionessmakeup.eventbrite.com.

Things To Meditate On

1. In order to be a great leader, you have to inspire others to do remarkable things. Marie Forleo teaches us how to create an environment that inspires.

2. Gen Y gets a lot of flack, but are they killing off the corruption and greed that flourished in their parents generation? Thom Fox says the silver lining is Millennials are a generation of ‘doers’ not beholden to a philosophy of “that’s how we’ve always done things.”

3. Are you still struggling to figure out this entrepreneur walk? Our Book of the Week is a co-authored masterpiece by Ed “Skip” McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker. “The Purpose Is Profit” eliminates the mystery of being an entrepreneur.

What Your Peers Were Doing This Week

1. “From My Head to Hers,” a documentary by 18-year-old Maria Alvarez wins “Google Breakthrough in Technology Award” at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

2. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed pay equity legislation into law earlier this week. An Act to Establish Pay Equity seeks to help end the gender wage gap in the Commonwealth by providing a more comprehensive definition for comparable work, allowing employees to discuss what they earn without threat of retaliation from employers, and by eliminating the practice of requiring salary history on job applications before a job offer is made. The legislation will take effect July 1, 2018.

3. We tell the amazing story of Madam C.J. Walker, an orphan of freed slaves and a former laundress, and how she became America’s first female and first African-American self-made millionaire.

Last But Not Least (some empowerment)

Pay attention to the inner dialogue you have with yourself. You can’t constantly tell yourself one thing and then expect opposite results. That’s like trying to swim against the current.

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