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VSEDC and U.S. Department of Commerce Team Up to Propel Women-Owned Businesses

Join a collaborative workshop to catalyze opportunities for local women entrepreneurs.

Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (VSEDC), the community-based non-profit organization that advocates and provides resources for residents of South Los Angeles and beyond, is excited to partner with the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA).

The “Empowering Women-Owned Businesses for Global Expansion” workshop

Together with CS, the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, NEW Community Investments, SoCal Gas, Amazon and UPS, the VSEDC is co-hosting an event called “Empowering Women-Owned Businesses for Global Expansion.” This is a special workshop that fosters awareness of ITA’s Global Diversity Export Initiative (GDEI) and provides resources and networking for underrepresented women- and women of color-owned export businesses in the Los Angeles area. 

CEO Quentin Strode says, “We are excited to work with the U.S. Department of Commerce, LA Mayor’s Office and other esteemed partners in support of our local women-owned businesses. As an organization that was started by a woman with her vision of building stronger neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this partnership will open more doors for our marginalized woman business owners to showcase their products and services internationally, which in turn, will further strengthen Los Angeles as a vibrant world-class city as VSEDC is strategically located in the heart of LA.”

Terri Batch, Director of GDEI adds, “We are pleased to bring this exclusive event to Los Angeles based women-owned small businesses that are in the export business or are interesting in beginning the export process. We appreciate strong partners like VSEDC that augment our reach so that we can help more underserved women exporters in LA.”

Additional offerings

In addition to offering resources and capital access referral, this event will also provide a strong platform for extensive international networking with the ITA leadership such as Kendee Yamaguchi/Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Field, U.S. Commercial Service and Camille Richardson/Deputy Assistant Secretary, Middle East & Africa, U.S. Commercial Service.

All must register in order to attend this event. For details, go to Eventbrite/Women Empowerment ( There is a nominal fee of $20 per ticket to attend.

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About Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation

Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (VSEDC) is a community-based nonprofit. Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) recognized for decades of technical and entrepreneurial assistance to South LA small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. The VSEDC serves to drive community self-sufficiency, facilitate business growth, access to affordable housing, goods and services and job creation. VSEDC achieves this through youth education and entrepreneurial projects, CDFI programs and fundraising efforts. Find out more about VSEDC at

About Global Diversity Export Initiative of the U.S. Commercial Service within the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration

The Global Diversity Export Initiative is an outreach program of the U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration/U.S. Commercial Service that focuses on reaching businesses in underserved areas with resources for expanding internationally. More information about GDEI can be found at

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