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Throwback Thursday Inspiration – In Order To Heal, We Must Find Our Voice  

The silence is deafening, the silence of those who do not know they have a voice, the ones trapped by violence, fear or even guilt.

Throwback Thursday Inspiration - In Order to Heal, We Must Find Our Voice   - Lioness MagazineThe silence is deafening, the silence of those who do not know they have a voice, the ones trapped by violence, fear or even guilt. They do not know they have power in their voice, power to be heard, healed and set free. These are our sisters, mothers and children who were born with gifts and talents to share with this world, a world in need of those talents.

Everyone’s story is different but we all start off innocent and filled with potential. This place of innocence is a fragile state without protection from the evil that roams. Once shattered innocence can never be reclaimed and then silence alienates. Sometimes it is the abuse itself that ensnares, becoming trapped in uncertainty, fear, self-doubt, shame, not knowing the key to freedom is a voice.

Under these weights, life can become a prison of unhealthy choices and self-sabotage. In a cloak of silence, no true healing can be found. All these unhealthy and confusing feelings cloud the mind and create a place of quiet desperation, a place where little growth and healing can occur.

The tragedy of this unhealed abuse is all encompassing. Not only are the victim’s lives shattered and compromised by the abuse but the world looses out on their contributions to society.

If you, like me, find yourself called by this silence, then listen and let us answer the call with our own voices. First let us speak of our own hurts and disappointments and step into that place of healing and awareness, then offer a safe place for others to do the same.

Let us speak of our needs, desires and dreams. Our voices will plant seeds to a beautiful garden that is our lives. The beauty of our lives will bring out a song of freedom, a song of victory and most of all a song of unity and sisterhood to help others find their voice.

There will be a change in the air as the wind carries these songs forth and silence will no longer be an option. Just think of what is possible, if all of the women whose silence has held them back in chains of unfulfilled dreams were set free and supported to use their voice.

This army of empowered women can combat abuse, slavery, addiction, poverty, teen pregnancy, corruption, the list goes on and it all starts with one small voice breaking one small chain and the movement begins.

marzanoAlways seeing the potential in others leads Mary Ann Marzano to have an eclectic life. She is a salon owner, board member for the Women’s Business Owners Alliance, life coach and can’t not mention “grandma”. Her passion for underprivileged women lead her to Haiti where she gives empowerment seminars to the women, teaches business skills and is helping start a sewing school. Locally she speaks at a homeless shelter and looks for other opportunities to offer hope to those who may feel lost.

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