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Three Things I Like About Scott Eastwood’s Twitter Feed

Actor Scott Eastwood is more than just Clint Eastwood's hot son. The man can also teach us a thing or two about social media. Here's what he taught me.

A recent Jezebel article described Scott Eastwood as boring, and it upset me more than it should have. Scott Eastwood is sort of famous for being Clint Eastwood’s son (and an actor on the rise) and for being seriously good looking (and potentially shirt-phobic), the latter quality being the reason I started following him on Twitter.

Why did the Jezebel article cut me so deep? I’ve been following Eastwood for less than a year and I already feel like I know him. I’ve found him to be adventurous and laid back (those two qualities can go together.) But why do I feel like I know him personally? Because he’s rocking social media like a boss, a super authentic boss.

Allow me to present to you:

Three Things I Like About Scott Eastwood’s Twitter Feed

  1. Pictures.

Three Things I Like About Scott Eastwood’s Twitter Feed - Lioness Magazine

All the social media advice I’ve read stresses the importance of sharing pictures. Pictures attract attention to your tweet, increasing impressions and engagements.

I like that Scott (can we be on a first name basis?) posts pictures and video’s that he takes himself. Sometimes it’s candids from a party, sometimes it’s old photos of him as a kid, and sometimes he’s sans shirt (le purr.)

Homeboy travels a lot and he generally shares photos of where he is and what he’s doing. Posting pictures transports followers to where he is and invites us to share a moment of his life. I think this is the main reason why I feel like I know this guy personally even though I know we are strangers.

  1. He posts infrequently.

Three Things I Like About Scott Eastwood’s Twitter Feed - Lioness Magazine

I took an online social media class that recommended posting the same (or very similar) tweets four times a day so that your followers don’t miss it.  Let’s face it, your tweets will get missed no matter how many times you post them. I’m not a fan of spamming your feed with repetitive tweets. Quality, not quantity, my friends.

I obviously follow Scott, but more importantly I get notifications of when he posts. Scott never posts four times in one day. He might post four times in a week if he’s doing something cool, but if he’s not doing anything, then he doesn’t post anything. I know that if he tweets something, it’s probably going to be interesting. Plus, it’s a nice little treat when my phone dings and it’s shirtless Scott surfing in the French Riviera and not my boss asking me to do a Quickbooks webinar.

  1. He’s real.

Three Things I Like About Scott Eastwood’s Twitter Feed - Lioness Magazine

Or at least he appears to be. Scott doesn’t come across as rich snob even though he does things that rich snobs do, like traveling the world and partying with beautiful famous people. He comes across as an adventurer, an outdoorsman, and a fun-loving man’s man.

He uses handles and hashtags appropriately, but he never engages in conversation over Twitter. I’ve never seen him respond personally to any of the thousands of women that follow him, instead he posts his thank yous to his fans when it makes sense.

The lesson is, if you wouldn’t talk to a person in real life, then don’t talk to them online. Or do what Scott does, share your moment and then move on, don’t kill it with conversation.

In closing:

Three Things I Like About Scott Eastwood’s Twitter Feed - Lioness Magazine

An interviewer once asked him for a life lesson that he learned from his father. He thought for a moment and said, “Don’t be afraid to do nothing.” Apply that advice to your social media presence.

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