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The Crystal Beauty Show Brings African Culture, Beauty To The Talk Circuit

The Crystal Beauty Show encourages individuals to reflect on ideas of beauty through entertainment, contests, and interviews on African culture.
Emmaculate Bih Kofi AKA Crystal Beauty.

Emmaculate Bih Kofi, 23, commonly known by her stage name Crystal Beauty, believes that everyone is beautiful in their own right. Such a philosophy is why she created the Crystal Beauty Show, a production meant to encourage individuals to reflect on ideas of beauty through entertainment, contests, and interviews on African culture.

“There was a need [to start this program] because there is no Cameroonian in the USA currently running a talk show on a consistent basis,” Kofi said. “I noticed that the Cameroonians in my community needed a platform to showcase their skills and talents.”

The show, which has already completed its first season, has reached many viewers, mostly in the African diaspora, she noted; however, producers are seeing an increase in audience diversity during season two.

“This new season the show has been more diverse, thus making the audience diverse as well,” she added.

Kofi, who is based in Avon, Massachusetts, travels across the country and even back to Cameroon to cover news. Show content ranges from beauty and makeup demonstrations, to area wide contests to engage the audience, and even stand-up comedy and music video broadcasts.

The Crystal Beauty Show also features interviews with entrepreneurs and their experiences, and field reports that include information about beauty establishments throughout the world.

“The show means a lot to me, especially because it is affecting people positively. People are inspired by it and learn from it,” she said. “People have [also] been responding to the show very positively. I get emails with words of encouragements and suggestions; it’s very amazing.”

The Crystal Beauty Show Brings African Culture, Beauty To The Talk Circuit - Lioness Magazine
Crystal at work on the red carpet.

The only permanent crew members are Crystal Beauty herself and her director, Isaac Ntokwo, also known as “Isaac Monky.”

“We tend to hire other crew based on need,” Kofi stated. “We travel a lot to shoot so we tend to hire the crew members in the state where we are shooting; we are actually open to anyone who would be interested in joining the team.”

Kofi, who earned her master’s degree in entertainment business, noted that sponsorships are what help defray the cost of production.

“We have a sponsorship package in place for anyone interested. Sponsors would be advertised on the show or have a commercial spot … and their logo would be used on press release materials based on the options they choose,” she said. “I have been calling companies and sending them emails. So far we have one sponsor, but are looking for more.”

Kofi noted that she also encourages viewer interaction. “I would just like everyone reading this to take a look at the show; I appreciate feedback on how to improve the show, and will appreciate support as well,” she said, adding that she can be contacted at info@crystalbeautyshow.com or 781-354-2504.

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