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Tampa Entrepreneur Isabella Rosal Becomes the World’s First Female Master Rummelier

7th Sky Ventures and the Royal Rum Society announced that Tampa entrepreneur Isabella Rosal achieved a Master Rummelier status, the top professional designation in the rum industry. Rosal is the first woman to become a Master Rummelier and one of only 12 Master Rummelliers in the world.

The Royal Rum Society has awarded the Certified Master Rummelier designation to Isabella Rosal for demonstrating the highest level of competency. She completed 16 course modules on rum production methods, history, tasting, elucidation and variety, toured at least 10 distilleries and tasted a minimum of two hundred distinct rums using the Royal Rum Society’s taste rating system.

About Isabella Rosal

Born and raised at a rum estate in Northern Luzon in the Philippines, Rosal collaborates with distilleries across Florida on creating unique single-barrel rums for her clients and partners at 7th Sky Ventures. With her newly-obtained qualification, she is preparing to launch the Tampa chapter member of the Royal Rum Society. This professional community remains dedicated to sharing and advancing the knowledge of rum making.

The first product that reflects Isabella Rosal’s expertise and passion in her capacity as a Master Rummelier will be the limited edition of Battleship 57 rum. This will be produced by Gambler’s Bay Distillery in Tampa and will be available in summer 2022.

7th Sky Ventures LLC

Tampa entrepreneur and community activist Isabella Rosal founded 7th Sky Ventures LLC. As a licensed importer and exporter, the company brings innovative products to Tampa Bay and promotes unique Florida products overseas. 7th Sky Ventures represents a variety of innovative private-label products, including natural home fragrances, candles and soap. For more information, please visit  

The Royal Rum Society

The Royal Rum Society works to advance the knowledge of rum in a judge-free environment. It gives back to rum-producing communities with its SPIRIT of CANE philanthropic program. The organization is self-funded and receives no compensation from any brand or producer. For more information, please visit:

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