Eva Ho
Eva Ho

Susa Ventures: Raising Baby Tech Startups

Susa Ventures funds only young technology companies across a variety of chapters, including finance, education, health, and more.
Susa Ventures: Raising Baby Tech Startups - Lioness Magazine
Eva Ho

Inspired by and named after a tribe of gorillas in Rwanda, Susa Ventures is not a company that’s “monkeying around” by any means.

Eva Ho, 42, is one of four general partners in the company, which is focused on data centric investments.

Susa Ventures funds only young technology companies across a variety of chapters, including finance, education, health, and more. All of these companies use some kind of software, data or other technology to solve a specific problem in their own industries, Ho explained.

“We work with peak stage entrepreneurship founders, in helping provide them capital [and] mentorship to help them grow their companies,” Ho said.

Susa Ventures, only about 2 years old itself, is working hard to help companies get on their feet by providing them with capital and venture funds.

“Because we are four partners for a small fund, we definitely bring a bit more sort of combined or collective experience and expertise, as well as just pure manpower to help them with whatever issues they’re working through,” Ho said.

Though the company does not have a home location, companies and founders are able to find Susa Ventures through the network.

Each partner in the company does the same thing, according to Ho; they find those young companies and decide which ones they want to give money to.

“We each go out and … try to find talented technologists, and we try to find ones that are solving problems with solutions that we think and compelling and unique,” she said.

Their main job is to provide companies with capital. Once they have provided the capital, Ho added, they remain in contact and have a relationship with the company in order to help them with any subsequent things they may need assistance with, such as hiring or raising additional capital.

In March 2015, Ho participated in the SoGal Summit Conference in Los Angeles as the event’s keynote speaker.

“I really like helping young folks who are doing interesting things, and trying to raise awareness for critical society issues … like how do we help more women become innovators and scientists and engineers?” Ho said.

“There was a bunch of students there, mostly women, and many of them were aspiring entrepreneurs. It was nice to meet them and share some of my learning through my journey through industry, and they were very receptive, and it was very productive overall,” she added.

Ho also contributed some of her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs, specifically in technology: First and foremost, stay super focused, because it is a long journey. Secondly, find a problem to be passionate about solving, and be ready to commit years to solving that problem.

“And third, surrounding yourself with the best people possible to help you along the way,” Ho concluded.

More information about Susa Ventures can be found at www.susaventures.com.

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