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Summer Garden Reading Featuring Kerry Ann Mendez

Kerry Ann Mendez’s "The Right-Size Flower Garden" answers the need for homeowners to simplify their landscaping due to time pressures.

Summer Garden Reading Featuring Kerry Ann Mendez - Lioness MagazineEighty-four million households in the U.S. work on their lawns and gardens. For most Americans, a home is more than a shelter. It is also their most valuable asset and an important savings vehicle. Landscaping is one of the top three investments that bring the biggest return in home value.

Considering the need for homeowners to simplify their landscaping due to time pressures, changing lifestyles and aging, the interest in Kerry Ann Mendez’s “The Right-Size Flower Garden” has quickly exceeded all expectations.

Taking Control of Home Landscapes.

Everyone loves flowers. But who can tend a garden that demands too much time and energy to keep looking beautiful? And how does one incorporate environmentally responsible gardening in this out-of-control picture? Reality is that we’re busy – swamped with job and family. We’re aging – most over 50 gardeners do not move at the same pace. And many are city dwellers with a passion for plants but little space to work with.

Kerry Ann Mendez’s newest book, “The Right-Size Flower Garden,” provides a step-by step approach to reduce the time and energy required to keep home landscapes looking beautiful by at least 50 percent. It rebalances our love of gardening and desire to improve our property values with our time and ability to do so, while incorporating key principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

How It Works (Flower Gardening Made Easier).

Photo By Eric Jenks
Photo By Eric Jenks

While the gardening literature is saturated with self-help books, Kerry Ann Mendez’s new book stands out as the only one offering a completely integrated system that guarantees the results everyone has been looking for. This is a breakthrough work that is timely and has quickly found readers hungry to be released from being held hostage by demanding and expanding landscapes.

“The Right-Size Flower Garden” system involves a number of strategically coordinated steps, which provides amazing results in home landscapes. These steps include selecting the right site for the garden; implementing the right design; choosing the right plants; and using the right practices. It is not one or the other; it is all of these steps combined that leads to the end result: manageable, realistic, and environmentally friendly gardens. In development for 20 years, her system has evolved into a recipe that any homeowner can follow confident of desired results. Trial and error is no more!

The hardcover book, published by St. Lynn’s Press and released February 2015 is already in its second printing. It is richly illustrated with 350 color photos and provides a turnkey solution outlining all the strategic steps in clear, easy to understand and follow directions.

About Kerry Ann Mendez

Kerry Ann Mendez is an award winning (Gold Medal from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, October 2014), published author (St. Lynn’s Press), speaker in high demand, and designer of national prominence. In 2015 she has scheduled over 115 presentations in 17 states and Canada. Some of the prestigious sites of her presentations include the U. S. Botanic Gardens, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Longwood Gardens, Coastal Maine Botanic Garden, the New Jersey Botanical Gardens, Tower Hill Botanical Garden, the Philadelphia Flower Show, the Newport Flower Show, the Boston Flower Show, and numerous garden clubs, horticultural societies, and Master Gardener symposiums. For more information visit her website:



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