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Successful Partnership In Business And Romance (Not Really)

Sure, going into a successful partnership in business with your boyfriend sounds wonderful. But, it's not always pretty. One woman shares her experience.

Successful Partnership In Business And Romance (Not Really) - Lioness MagazineThis is the real life fairy tale in theory. When a business partnership was proposed to me by my significant other, my imagination took me away with all the positive things. I imagined my partner and me being together in business meetings, brainstorming, business trips, and everything related to our business.

Of course, I thought of possible conflicts. Then I said to myself that we’ll go through conflicts in the business as we would in our relationship. Probably it’s just the total optimism in me. I never thought it would be a horror story instead of a fairy tale.

The fairy tale

The business partnership I had with my romantic partner started out with excitement. I already laid out my plans and my part in the business. We did our planning and delegation. We closed a few deals and went out for a few business meetings and trips.

We were on the same page on wanting a partnership in business and in romance at that point. We were being productive, and we were spending a lot of time together. Oh so picture perfect. Then it turns into a horror story.

The horror story

Then it felt like crumbling down when we started to argue. Arguments got more and more intense. At first, it was all about business decisions. I felt like he just doesn’t listen to my inputs. He, in turn, feels like I was not doing enough. It got to a point when we were attacking each other’s personalities. He said I was too relaxed, and I said he was too domineering.

He would critique me even at a personal level. This was when I thought things were getting out of hand. We were already rethinking if we should still go on with our romantic relationship. His point was if we couldn’t work harmoniously in our business then how are we going to have a harmonious relationship for the rest of our lives?

These arguments got through me. I questioned myself a lot. It made me lose grasp of my self-esteem. I also could not believe it’s going to take a toll in the relationship itself.


We were different in so many ways. We were polar opposites. I am chill, he’s intense. I’m optimistic, he always thinks of the worst case scenarios. I’m more on the safe side; he’s the one who likes taking risks. My strengths are in planning, he was in execution. And it was always the question of who should prevail.

Business and romantic relationship

I thought about our case deeply. Then I realized how having a business and being in a romantic relationship are very much alike. Both aspects are no fairy tale. They both require hard work and love. Otherwise, when we face hardships, calling it quits would be the easy way out.

But then we would always choose to stick around as much as we stick to do the business despite failures. We learned to take motivation on the small achievements. We learned to argue, stop, give each other space, and then talk logically.


We started to work out on resolving our issues. Instead of looking at our differences as conflicting traits, we use them to balance each other out. One should not always prevail. One should compromise accordingly depending on the situation at hand.

Realizing what we are good at made us trust each other more. Trusting each other is another virtue that keeps us going.

Even if I went through a horror story instead of a fairy tale, I don’t regret it. It was one of the most enriching challenges I have ever gone through, and still going through. In addition, being partners in business and romance, we got to know each other even more. We shared success and failures. We support each other.

We still go through episodes of horror stories, but since we know more about what makes each other tick, we figured out ways to reconcile. I can’t say we’re successful with the partnership now but I can say we are working it out. For me, that is very important. Would you consider your romantic partner as a business partner?

Monica Morgan is a free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She prefers using diverse writing styles to properly engage with a wide array of readers. She is also a contributor for

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