Startup Founder Celebrates Surviving Her First Year With HR Contest

HR company Equality Pays celebrates anniversary by giving other entrepreneurs free HR assistance if they win new contest.
Startup Founder Celebrates Surviving Her First Year With HR Contest  - Lioness Magazine
Michelle Gyimah

Contest launches June 23 and runs through July 3.

As one of the many new startup businesses in Manchester, England, Equality Pays has endured its fair share of ups and downs. Anyone that has started their own business will be able to tell you about the range of emotions and challenges small business owners face every day. Michelle Gyimah, owner of Equality Pays said, “I read so many books and articles on starting and running your own business, but nothing can really prepare you for the reality of it.  No two days have ever been the same and not a day goes by when I’m not thinking my business. Running a business while juggling family commitments and a two-year-old does present many challenges.”

Equality Pays is an HR Consultancy that primarily works with small businesses, even those with only one or two members of staff. “I started my business after taking voluntary redundancy while on maternity leave from my previous job. I was looking for a way to be able to help growing small businesses stay on the right side of employment law. As a small business myself, I understand the pressures they face day in day out, and I believe that helps me provide a better, more personalized and unique HR experience.”

“During my first year, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with many businesses from different sectors across the UK including nanny agencies, soft play businesses, party entertainment businesses, care homes and accountancy firms.”

To celebrate, Equality Pays will be documenting their business lessons, successes and failures in their blog as well as hosting a competition to win some free personalized HR assistance.

“Startups play a vital role in the Greater Manchester economy and I want to do my bit to support other small business owners by providing quality HR advice in an accessible and affordable way. With increasing numbers of people starting their own businesses, especially women, I think it’s important to nurture that talent by sharing business experience as well as expertise.”

Equality Pays competition will take place between June 23  and July 3. More information on completion rules and prizes up for grabs will be on the website.


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