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Savvas Learning Company CEO Bethlam Forsa Receives 2023 Power of Women Award

Educational visionary honored by ASU+GSV for innovation and leadership in the learning technology sector.

Savvas Learning Company, a global next-generation learning solutions provider for K-12 education, is proud to announce that its CEO, Bethlam Forsa, has received the 2023 Power of Women Award.

Given annually at the ASU+GSV Summit, the Power of Women Award honors extraordinary female leaders in the learning technology sector. The recipients of the 2023 Power of Women Award are inspirational leaders who focus on increasing access to education and workforce skills for millions of learners globally.

“I feel truly honored to receive this prestigious award. And I want to extend my congratulations to the other recipients among this impressive group of female executives,” Forsa said. “I also want to thank ASU+GSV for highlighting the impactful role female leaders have in helping transform the educational landscape. Their new ideas and advanced technologies make it possible for all learners to succeed.”

About Bethlam Forsa

Forsa has over two decades of career in education and publishing. She thinks a quality education has the power to shape lives, inspire new ways of thinking, and build better communities. Her mindset focuses on technology’s potential to personalize teaching and learning experiences. Because of her innovative ways, she is a recognized trailblazer and changemaker in the K-12 space. Under Forsa’s leadership, Savvas has taken a market-leading position. The company has award-winning product lines, curriculum, and professional services, all delivered to more than 40 million K-12 students and teachers worldwide.

Forsa’s award follows the recent announcement that Savvas Learning Company is now a part of the 2023 GSV 150, ASU+GSV’s list of the world’s most transformative private companies in education. Savvas stood out from more than 4,000 private companies revolutionizing the world of education technology, from Pre-K-12 to workforce learning. The evaluation of these companies stands on five criteria to determine the global GSV 150 list:

  1. Revenue scale.
  2. Revenue growth.
  3. Active learner reach.
  4. International reach.
  5. Margin profile.

In addition to these two honors, Forsa will also be a speaker at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit, which will be held in San Diego in April.

To see the full list of 2023 Power of Women recipients, visit ASU+GSV Summit’s Honorees page.

About Savvas Learning Company

At Savvas, we believe learning should inspire. By combining new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of interacting, we design next-generation learning solutions that help prepare students to become global citizens in a more interconnected, digital world. To learn more, visit Savvas Learning Company.

About ASU+GSV Summit

The ASU+GSV Summit is the premier global event focused on technology innovation in education and skills. We believe that ALL people deserve equal access to the future. Started in 2010 with a collaboration between Arizona State University (ASU) and Global Silicon Valley (GSV), the annual Summit connects leading minds focused on transforming society and business around learning and work. Educators, investors, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the world come together to innovate the future of education for all. Hosted in San Diego, over 5,300 people attended in April 2022.

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