San Francisco cigar rolling beauty joins Cigar Dolls

Posted on April 12, 2014 by Lioness Staff

San Francisco cigar rolling beauty joins Cigar Dolls - Lioness Magazine

San Francisco Cigar Doll Monica presents a cigar that she just rolled. (PRNewsFoto/Cigar Dolls)

 It takes a second glance but quickly you realize that you are seeing something you have not witnessed before. Yes, there’s no question she’s a beautiful woman – that’s a given – but, she’s a cigar roller.

The female cigar rolling ensemble, the Cigar Dolls, have announced their San Francisco stunner Monica Rivera to their lineup for events nationally. After performing cigar rolling events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other cities over the last two years, she is now a polished, signed member of the Cigar Doll’s cast for San Francisco, Hollywood, the Vegas Strip and Reno.

The Vegas cigar rolling company consists of powerful, strong women that are authentic, Latina cigar rollers. The twist is that they are females thriving in a mostly male dominated trade. “The ‘Dolls’ are pretty strong characters, they know about cigars and are pleasant to look at,” said Monica. “The company is good at making sure the events are kept upscale, so I’m mostly at 5-star resorts, hotels, PGA courses and restaurants.”

As she is pursuing her degree in business administration, Monica is involved with San Francisco’s creative culture most of the time. “I like designing clothes, skiing and I do specialize in Mexican cuisine.”

The Cigar Dolls corporation is also moving to make these select cigar rollers partners with the company. This innovative option allows these ladies to reap the maximum benefits of their talent.

“It beats the cubicle at my office job any day,” added Monica. Her colleague, Mia  lives in Italy where she just returned after a two-week cigar rolling show on the island of Maldive.

“During the day I was on the beach of Maldives for two weeks, so I have no right to complain,” Mia said. Ana, the New York cigar roller performed for Indian Royalty in New Delhi.

The Cigar Dolls are a national group of authentic female cigar rollers that perform cigar rolling events in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hollywood, New York, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Jacksonville, DC, Boston, Chicago and Montreal. They are promoted as “powerful women” by the company with a respected heritage derived from the cigar culture, typically handed down from their families.

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