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Robin Receives Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Status from City of New York

The New York City Mayor’s Office recently awarded Robin, the leading NYC-based mental well-being solution for K-12 schools, with certification as a Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE). 

The Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises Program addresses historic disparities in New York City contracting. Its goal is to provide minority and women entrepreneurs with increased opportunities to do business with the City. Robin qualified for the certification as it is founded, owned and led by a person of color.

“We are proud of this distinction and applaud the Mayor’s Office for its unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers for minority and women-owned businesses in New York City,” said Robin CEO Sonny Thadani. “This certification will help increase the visibility of Robin and our work to create more connected and equitable school communities.”

Robin is on a mission to provide access to mental health and well-being services for everyone in NYC schools. “At Robin, it’s our firm belief that mental health and well-being should not belong solely to those who have access. It belongs to everyone.”

This business enterprise announcement immediately follows the arrival of Dr. Meisha Porter, the newest member of Robin’s Advisory board. Dr. Porter was the first black woman to serve as chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. Dr. Porter said, “This distinction from the city is meaningful to us as we aim every day to exemplify and model the limitless potential of minorities and women in education and community advancement.”

About Robin

Robin is the mental well-being solution that builds connection and community. Healthy relationships are critical to creating a culture of belonging. Reflecting the diverse group of school communities we serve, Robin coaches connect with students, educators, school staff and families through an integrated program that features group coaching and real-world curriculum. This approach strengthens the community by teaching critical life skills like conflict resolution, perspective-taking and healthy social media use.

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