Ready To Rule: How To Become A Boss Chick

The making of a Boss Chick is not something one attains with money or through membership, it is something that takes place on the inside.

More and more women are becoming leaders today. Even in the home an increasing number of women are becoming the primary decision makers on pertinent matters, particularly investments and money management decisions. You will note that even in the workplace women in leadership roles are on the rise and more and more women are becoming what this era refers to as Boss Chicks.

The making of a Boss Chick is not something one attains with money or through membership, it is something that takes place on the inside. This “thing” that “becomes” within a woman creates a powerfully magnetic ray and in turn commands others to pay attention, take notes and give respect. While Michelle Obama is the epitome of a Boss Chick, it does not mean that without such a prestigious position you cannot or will not be, become or be recognized for the power your exude as a 20th Century woman extraordinaire! It’s about your thinking, your capacity, your faith, your footprints, your zest and zeal, and yes it’s about your thunder. When I say “thunder” I actually mean your ability to move, shake and quake things into order. The beauty is that it’s done with refining power and the capacity to become a marketing machine. When you touch it gold becomes its new form! When you can do that knowing clearly that it could be done and would be done, you are flirting with being as bossy as a chick can get.

A Boss Chick is not looking for hand outs she looks to negotiate for the most favorable bid. This is a woman that does not use or manipulate that which is around her but instead she conveys value, inspires hearts, motivates minds and engages those who support her vision. Every woman has a Boss Chick on the inside of her it’s just a matter of waking her bossy up to change her tune, dance, song and life around for her life and legacy. I believe that God created you to be a Boss Chick, which is simply a woman that is sure of her-self, that has unwavering faith, is bold, brilliant and effective.

Either you are that or you must become that because the world sure could use more women who think and operate at peak. Now this is not to say that from time to time, you can’t relax and take it down a notch but to impart that you absolutely can live each day in your own personal success zone, no matter how big or small. For some having a day of peace is huge success. For many having a day of high energy is a major success day. Success is what you make it, how you see it and how you shape it. A Boss Chick calls the shots in her life. Don’t get it twisted every successful Boss Chick is humble, God fearing, submissive and wisdom driven. This means that she is a listener that pays attention to others, her own milestones, successes and even the errors in her ways. Knowing that there is extreme value in every valley is her trump attribute because she draws of the Lily (meaning the Lily of the valley).

You may not have ever heard the term “Boss Chick” until now, but I bet you will recognize it the next time you see it. Women carry so much in a lifetime on capable shoulders. I could give you a list that goes on and on if given a book to write. There is beauty in being the weaker vessel, that too is a power source like no other particularly when we come to understand the importance of returning to ultimate femininity and voluminous virtue. Many people mistake being hard or harsh for strength and that is the biggest fluke under the sun. A woman resembles the flower. She is fragrant, tender, fragile, beautiful, illuminating, colorful and powerful. The aroma of the gardenia alone is enough to bring calm to a roaring soul. We must return to the power of elegance, ambiance and virtue. It’s okay to be tender, really it is!

I believe that every woman has the desire deep down inside if not reeking from the surface of her being, to be a beautiful, brilliant and bold. Each woman can have the desire to use her imagination to create a lifetime legacy to live on beyond her years. It does not matter how old you are, what your culture is, what your belief systems are, in fact women from all walks of life need the exact same things. Women need to give and feel love, they need access to a financial river, and women also need a degree of power, unstoppable faith, recognition and some level of control. It is important to tap into your jar of clay so that your dreams and gifts may breathe and co-create treasures with deep meaning.

Your salary does not dictate your stance as a Boss Chick however, your being a Boss Chick can change your life and create financial blessings that give you the resources to make moves on greater scales. It’s not all about money, being a leading lady is about feeling good from the inside out and exuding confidence that is magnetic and instrumental to those who witness the birthing of the leader in you. Leading does not mean that you must be a first lady like Michelle Obama or any other woman with national recognition. Leading your self is often the toughest act to balance and it truly begins there. Get a handle of the way that you think and do and move.

Polish your inner workings, bathe your soul, brighten your spirit, change your perception, you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Spending time alone is a great place to start. It is not healthy to live life with dependencies and co-dependencies that require others in order to remain relevant. Getting a handle of self requires a serious commitment to getting to know who you are independent of outside influences. Once you have an image of what you are working with, you can get busy developing, shaping and being made over with the assistance of the holy-spirit. Who am I? Some would say a lady in waiting, others a woman of virtue, new day folks might call you a “Boss Chick.” I know that some are old fashioned and may struggle with embracing modern day expressions such as boss chick, but that’s okay, you all get the point and the picture and that is what matters most. The goal is to be not only a role model, but also the right one to follow.

So when asked the question, what does it mean to be a Boss Chick hopefully you will be able to smile, perhaps giggle but confidently say “me.” “I am a Boss Chick” because I know who I am, I am clear of my value, I am undeniably bold and beautiful in my thinking, saying, doing and becoming.

Sonya Ru Ward is an Empowerment Personality, Blogger and MBS Wellness Coach– HHS Founder, Content Director, Author and Speaker.

Photo courtesy of Nelson L. [FLICKR]

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