Questions Investors Ask Startup Founders

Questions investors ask take them through the back end of your company. We've found a killer list of 100 questions to prepare you for your pitch.

Questions Investors Ask Startup Founders - Lioness MagazinePreparing for a pitch is a daunting task in itself. From designing the perfect pitch deck to making sure you have all of your financial projections together, it takes a lot of patience and focus to get it right. Yet, there is still preparations that must take place for the nitty gritty of the investor Q&A session.

What types of questions should I expect to answer?

Knowing the ins and outs of your business is essential and being able to answer rapid fire questions takes practice. Questions investors ask take them through the back end of your company:

  • Team (founder, employees, advisors)
  • Market (target audience, customer acquisition, traction)
  • Money (short and long-term projections, cost of goods, expenses)
  • Product/Service (quality, market fit, value)

We scoured the Internet for the best prep questions around. Our friends over at the Startup Factory couldn’t have compiled a better list. In “Compendium Of Over 100 Questions Investors Ask Startups When Pitching,” Startup Factory CEO Matt Kuppers comprises a comprehensive digest of questions that range from ice breakers to your market, the competition to risks and threats.

If you’re prepping for a pitch, don’t walk in without reading this.


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