Protest from Pax South attendees following President Trumps executive order to decrease access to healthcare and a travel ban on 7 Muslim majority nations. 31799345443
Protest from Pax South attendees following President Trumps executive order to decrease access to healthcare and a travel ban on 7 Muslim majority nations. 31799345443

What Does The President’s Travel Ban Mean To Entrepreneurs Who Employee Immigrants?

OPINION - If you employee immigrants, how does a travel ban affect your company? We talk to a entrepreneur Gigi Stetler who sees it as an affront to American business.
What The President's Travel Ban Means To Entrepreneurs Who Employee Immigrants - Lioness Magazine
photo courtesy of Daniel Cuadra from Den Haag, Netherlands

OPINION — President Donald J. Trump has done some outlandish things within his first 100 days of becoming President, however, nothing caused more controversy and conversation than his travel ban of Muslim travelers and the hunt for illegal immigrants. His out-of-the-blue movement put the world on edge as the media showed images of families being ripped apart and taken away from the country that they have made a home in.

With the simple question of “Why?” lingering over everyone’s head, for business owners, the answer needed to come a lot sooner than later.

Gigi Stetler, owner of RV Sales of Broward in Davie, FL, said her business couldn’t survive without immigrants.

“This nationals boycott highlights the contributions that immigrants have been making to businesses and culture throughout the U.S,” Stetler says. “Many of my employees are immigrants and it’s important to recognize their value.”

In the RV industry, the 30-year business owner says immigrants are hard working. Most of them are groomed to work in this type of business. In reality, they are the only people that show up.

“If this travel ban were ever seriously implemented, business would suffer tremendously. Seasonal jobs would be devastating,” Stetler testifies.

Entrepreneur Gigi Stetler

“No one comes to work for 3-4 months. In this industry, RVs need parts to work and many immigrants come with parts needed from out of the country. We could be looking at a possible trade war.”

In March, states like Hawaii and Maryland went against their leader and temporarily blocked Trump’s travel ban, even though Trump vowed to continue fighting the courts after a federal appeals court ruled against reinstating the travel ban, barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days and refugees for 120 days.

Stetler’s rise as an entrepreneur didn’t come easy. After being attacked by a man in her early 20s, the Miami native and single mom was determined to make it work for her in an industry that is predominantly male so being lazy is not a word that describes her and she feels the travel ban will show just how lazy Americans are.

“Every American that wants to work, will work, however, no one wants to do the jobs that immigrants will do,” Stetler said. “All the documentations that are needed elsewhere aren’t needed for these types of jobs.”

A lack of immigrants in the work force means a lack of diversity and as the proud owner of a very diverse company, diversity equals business.

“At RV Sales of Broward, I have a very mixed payroll meaning we are able to advertise and speak numerous languages, which is a plus in the eyes of consumers,” Stetler said. “You’ll get far with diversity and tolerance. We welcome all customers. There should never be a box to check.”

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