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Positive Planet US, Genpact and EdCast Provide Free E-Learning Platform to Under-resourced Entrepreneurs

Positive Planet US, Genpact and EdCast have come together to expand the depth of content available in a free e-learning platform. Above all, the platform will help under-resourced entrepreneurs develop critical skills for success in today’s challenging and competitive economic environment. It will enable business success and, as a result, help spur community-based economic revival. 

An e-learning platform for entrepreneurs

Positive Planet US is a nonprofit organization that promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth and employment. Genpact is a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation. EdCast is a leader in online corporate learning and upskilling. These three organizations have joined forces to lend their respective expertise to support entrepreneurs. They particularly want to help entrepreneurs amplify their impact on the communities that they serve. The partnership adds essential learning resources for startup owners to Genpact’s Adapt and Rise e-learning platform. The platform was developed and built with EdCast.

Positive Planet has helped millions around the world and created sustainable development solutions for disadvantaged populations. The organization specifically aims to help women and youth. It was launched 23 years ago with the mission to make the world more positive economically, socially and environmentally. Positive Planet has helped more than 11 million people leave poverty behind. Its work strives for a more equal society, helping underserved communities – independent of their race, gender or background. Ultimately, it allows people to create their own jobs and, as a result, achieve prosperity through entrepreneurship.

How Positive Planet creates change

Positive Planet brings new content to the platform created for the unique needs of entrepreneurs. This content includes curricula in such areas as sales strategy, business development and growth and operations. Additionally, the content focuses on marketing, legal, accounting and finance for small businesses. Adapting business models in a difficult economy makes continuous learning and reskilling especially vital. These learning paths offer the specific skills needed to build and grow a startup. The success of these businesses undoubtedly brings benefits to local communities as entrepreneurship can provide new career journeys. It also brings economic revival. 

“To create positive change, learning must be inclusive and immersive, and we strongly believe our partnership with Genpact and Edcast furthers this goal,” said Ingrid Gonzalez, president and chairwoman of the board of directors at Positive Planet US. “With Adapt and Rise, we help people focus on the individual skills they need, advancing their knowledge with the resources of companies committed to continuous learning, curiosity and personal development.”

Powered by EdCast’s award-winning learning and talent experience platform, Adapt and Rise offers on-demand learning at a crucial time.

Adapt and Rise is available free of charge to anyone with a computer or handheld mobile device and access to the internet. To access the platform, go to

To support Positive Planet’s efforts, visit

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