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Pioneers Of Dating Site Spectrum Singles To Speak At Leading Autism Industry Festival

Spectrum Singles is the world’s first niche dating and social site catering exclusively to members of the autistic community.

Autistic Pioneers Of Dating Site For The Autustic Community To Speak At Leading Industry Festival - Lioness MagazineThe creators of Spectrum Singles, the world’s first niche dating and social media site specifically designed for members of the autistic community, are pleased to announce that they well be presenting an interactive workshop at the 7th annual ANCA World Autism Festival in British Columbia, Oct. 3.

According to ANCA’s website, ANCA’s mission is to “support the natural development of autistic people by providing education and training to autistic individuals, their families, and the community at large.” Speaking about business and how to turn passions into a successful business, Olivia Cantu and Kirsten Fitzpatrick will share their journey and how they turned their desire to connect the global community in order to bring people closer together.

Fitzpatrick said, “The Spectrum Singles community has grown significantly since its launch in 2015. Our goal with the website was to bring our community together through love and friendship; we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.” Fitzpatrick adds, “ANCA has been a catalyst in helping to bring the global autistic community together and we are honored to have been asked to contribute.”

Taking place over six days, between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5, the festival will bring together those working within the autistic community. With a range of workshops run by industry experts, the Festival provides an exclusive learning opportunity while celebrating the autistic community.

Spectrum Singles Founders Autistic Pioneers Of Dating Site For The Autustic Community To Speak At Leading Industry Festival
Spectrum Singles Founders Olivia Cantu and Kirsten Fitzpatrick.

The intelligent hub for the global autistic community, Spectrum Singles provides a much needed resource. Offering U.S. and European based users the chance to build real, meaningful relationships based on unique attributes, the innovative website has become an invaluable social platform for those on the spectrum. And it’s not just those looking for love. Those simply looking to make friends can also use the pioneering platform to connect with people near or far.

Cantu said, “The workshop is specifically designed to be fun and interactive, allowing people to get fully-immersed in the ins and outs of starting a business. We hope to inspire attendees to follow their dreams and change their lives.”

Additionally, Olivia and Kirsten, will be appearing in the fall issue of Naturally Autistic magazine – a magazine that highlights the abilities and talents of autistic people around the world.


Founded by Olivia Cantu and Kirsten Fitzpatrick, is the world’s first niche dating and social site catering exclusively to members of the autistic community. The site was created by people on the spectrum, for people on the spectrum. Members can take advantage of a unique Spectrum Compatibility Test which matches members based on a variety of spectrum attributes.


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  • This website is a scam. I have previously posted about the issue I had with this company and I was under the impression it had been solved, but apparently not. I signed up for a short term membership back in July 2016. I had previously paid for similar accounts at regular dating sites and they usually have a ‘rolling membership’ scheme, which means you have to opt out so that the membership doesn’t automatically renew. I make sure to do this as soon as I pay so that the site doesn’t continue charging me, and as a result I have never had any problems in the past.

    I did exactly the same with Spectrum Singles. I signed up for the discounted membership so I could try out their site and had the confirmation email come through. I then went back in and cancelled the subscription (there is a button to do this on the website) so it wouldn’t automatically keep renewing. My membership allowed me to access extra parts of the website, such as posting on forums, sending messages to other members, etc. My membership ended in September, although my access to the above areas of the website actually ended early by a few days. I did email them about this, but received no response.

    It is now March 2017 and Spectrum Singles are STILL trying to take payments from my bank account! When I noticed they had taken extra payments in autumn 2016, I sent several emails notifying them that my membership had been cancelled and my access stopped and I was therefore unsure why they were still taking money from me. I assumed it was a simple error on their part, as they were a small and new website. Mistakes happen when you are just starting out as a company, and I try to give people the benefit of doubt.

    However I have yet to receive a reply to any of these emails months later. I have spoken to my bank and they have put a stop on these payments (which basically means they ‘leave’ the account each month, but then my bank refunds the money a day or so later). My bank has also been unable to get anywhere with them and cannot stop the payments entirely. So despite my membership ending in autumn 2016, Spectrum Singles are still trying to take money from my account every month for a service I do not get.

    I have since spoken with several other members who have had exactly the same thing happen to them (and are still trying to get their banks to cancel the payments entirely). Spectrum Singles appear to just ignore any complaints. I would not recommend this service.

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